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Epic Games has uploaded a short Fortnite cinematic, which acts as the introduction to the new single-player experience that leads into Season 6.

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Fortnite season finales have always been major events, offering new scenarios for players to enjoy and drum up excitement for the next season. But it looks like Epic Games has been aiming to one-up itself every time as of late. It’s Marvel-themed Season 4 capped off with a cinematic final battle against Galactus, where players got to assist the superheroes in fending off, which went on to break records and become the biggest and most popular Game finale ever. And while it’s too early to tell how popular Season 5’s finale is, it’s undeniably unique and a bold new direction for The Game.

To kick off Season 6, Epic Games has made, for the first time, made a single-player experience for fans to play through before jumping into the season proper. And to both mark the end of Season 5 and get fans excited for what’s to come, the company has made and uploaded a short cinematic that acts as set-up for the mission.

It begins with Agent Jonesy, who spent all of Season 5 hopping between realities to recruit the various crossover characters that were added to Game, riding the Battle Bus decked out in some kind of military commando outfit (he’s even wearing beskar armor from The Mandalorian) with the intention of stopping the Zero Point from exploding and wiping out all of existence.

He’s also heard arguing with someone called Dr. Slone and saying he’s going directly to The Seven, a mysterious organization that Jonesy’s organization is fighting against and possibly the main antagonists of the Game. The game has always had some kind of storyline running in the background, but it has very rarely come to the forefront like this.

The cinematic focuses


Most of the cinematic focuses on Jonesy trying to reach the Zero Point as things only grow more chaotic around him and it’s this part that will no doubt be many fans’ favorite, since it highlights some of the cameos that debuted in Season 5. At one point, Sarah Connor shoots down a Xenomorph while Ellen Ripley takes on some Terminators, something those who grew up in the 80s and 90s could have only dreamed of. Predator, Kratos, and Master Chief all make brief appearances too, while Ryu from Street Fighter is seen taking out Peely with a Hadouken before getting blown up himself.

Jonesy reaches the Zero Point and throws some sort of device into it, which apparently summons a meteor to crash down, which in turn is actually a ship of some kind. Judging by Jonesy’s reaction, this is what he wanted to happen, when someone called The Foundation steps out of the ship. Given their appearance, they are most likely another member of The Seven and immediately attack Jonesy, but Jonesy stops him by promising he can take them to Geno and the sisters if they work together to stop the Zero Point. The Foundation agrees to the temporary alliance.

Anyone eager for more Games lore and to see how the mission leads to Season 6 will need to jump into the game to find out. Fortunately, there’s no set time for when the mission needs to be completed by, although many have no doubt already begun Season 6 and have acclimatized to the new map.

Fortnite is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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