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Horror Game Sanity of Morris Coming Next Week

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Alterego Games’ Sanity of Morris is releasing next week, offering players a psychological horror tale featuring stealth and puzzle mechanics.

Sanity of Morris Game

Sanity of Morris
Sanity of Morris

2021 has already been a great year for horror fans, with The Medium launching in January to a solid reception and Little Nightmares 2 welcoming critical and commercial success in February. Hoping to mirror their success will be the newest project from developer Alterego Games, which has been hard at work on a creepy psychological horror known as Sanity of Morris.

The studio debuted a fresh trailer for the game last month, announcing it would be making its grand debut on March 23 of this year. With the title’s release date now under a week away, Alterego Games has taken to the PlayStation Blog to talk more about the experience and what players can expect from it, claiming that it will be a concise but poignant horror adventure, Read Here

The game tells the tale of Jonathon Morris, who must investigate the mysterious town of Greenlake after his father goes missing. It seems the location will unravel the more players explore its dark history, with the town hiding secret labs, alien fauna, and other eerie paranormal phenomena. “Game of Morris offers an intriguing story steeped in the best elements of both the detective and psychological horror genres,” says Alterego Games’ Narrative Designer Matthijs Kramer, revealing that game will focus on stealth and light puzzles. It will also allegedly include a flashlight mechanic that will be crucial to Jonathon’s investigation, although Kramer warns that it can attract unwanted attention.

Game of Morris’ creepy world and gameplay

Last month’s release date trailer showed off plenty of Game of Morris’ creepy world and gameplay, as the player investigates several sinister locations filled with overgrown alien plantlife. It appears their investigation will be hampered by stalking enemies, with human and extraterrestrial threats wandering the game’s environments in an effort to stop Jonathon from discovering what happened to his father. To survive, they’ll have to utilize the flashlight to uncover mysteries, with sections of the footage showing the player following footprints that can only be seen when the torch is active.

According to Kramer, the experience intends to be a short but story-packed adventure, clocking in at around 5 hours long. It definitely appears to be a fun new addition to this year’s roster of horror experiences, bringing plenty of creepy psychological thrills. Sanity of Morris won’t be the only addition to the genre this year, with the rest of 2021’s lineup coming stacked with chilling experiences. Resident Evil Village will drop in May, bringing back the series’ first-person perspective, while The Outlast Trials, Scorn, Atomic Heart, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, Sons of the Forest, and the System Shock remake are all slated for this year as well.

Sanity of Morris will debut on March 23 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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