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Just Cause Mobile Game Cinematic Trailer Released By Amazing Square Enix

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A new Just Cause Mobile title that will be headed exclusively to mobile is revealed as part of today’s ‘Square Enix Presents’ showcase.

Just Cause Mobile Game

Just Cause Mobile
Just Cause Mobile

Today’s Square Enix Presents showcase revealed several new games and provided insights and updates for previously announced ones. While the showcase revealed a wide variety of info, one of the highlights is fans’ first real look at Just Cause Mobile.

Just Game Mobile marks the franchise’s fifth entry since it was created in 2006, and will be its first spin-off game. The title promises more havoc-wreaking that Just Cause fans have come to love through customizable agents, weapons accessories, and weaponized vehicles. The title’s existence was revealed at The Game Awards 2020, but Square Enix released the first full cinematic trailer for the title today.

As seen in the trailer, Just Game Mobile will offer players an all-new story campaign featuring vast open-world locations to explore, as well as cameos from previous Just Game characters. The title will be at a top-down isometric view, similar to games such as Hades. Playing with friends appears to be heavily encouraged, as some of the missions are capable of four-player co-op. Additionally, a Triple Threat multiplayer mode will pit three teams of 10 against each other in a battle to claim bases and earn points. Game Cause Mobile will also have a Challenge Mode, which gives players the chance to duke it out in a race or see who can cause the most destruction.

One detail to note

One detail to note is the mobile game will be developed directly by the Square Enix team, rather than prior developer Avalanche Studios. However, it wasn’t the only IP to have a mobile spin-off title unexpectedly announced: Space Invaders is getting an AR mobile game as well. With mobile gaming becoming more viable through heavier investments from studios and peripheral companies, it’ll be exciting to see how the platform evolves in the years to come.

Just Cause Mobile will launch free for Android and iOS in 2021.

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