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Gotham Knights Delayed Exclusive to 2022

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Those hoping that Gotham Knights would still hit its 2021 release are given some bad news, as the game is being pushed back to next year.

Gotham Knights
Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights Game

Though news around Gotham Knights has died down in recent months, plenty of fans have held onto the hope that it would still release in 2021. Unfortunately, that will not be the case, as WB Montreal has officially announced a delay for Game Knights.

At one point late last year, players believed that Game Knights was teasing a specific release date for 2021. While the evidence seemed to be there, as a poster related to The Flying Gray sons provided some intriguing release date potential, unfortunately it seems like this was not a teaser at all. Today, WB Montreal broke the news to fans on Twitter, sharing that the game will be releasing sometime next year. No specific release date has been provided, however, with fans now only having 2022 to go by.

According to WB Montreal, Game Knights’ release date is being pushed back so that the studio can deliver “the best possible experience” for the game’s fans. While not explicitly said, it seems likely that the game’s development was heavily impacted by COVID-19, too. Fellow WB Interactive project Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed for this reason, and several other development-related issues from across the video game industry can be blamed on the effects of the pandemic.

The announcement

Still, this announcement could surprise some fans, as many began to feel that Game Knights was safe from a delay due to a release date change not being announced alongside Hogwarts Legacy’s. Sadly, this logic proved to be incorrect, as players will not be able to enjoy this Bat Family-focused storyline until sometime next year. With Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League still set to release in 2022 as well, at least DC fans have two exciting co-op games to look forward to come next year. That said, the downside is that there is now a major gap in DC game releases for 2021 that gamers will need to cope with.

While the post will rightfully be seen as bad news by most, one positive is that WB Montreal promised to show off more of the game “in the coming months.” As such, players now know that they can at least expect some fresh gameplay footage from the game, possibly detailing the open world mechanics and side quests of the project. With little actually known about Game Knights, and plenty of potential for more villain reveals or post-launch DLC content discussion, there is lots that can be shown for the game on the long lead-up to its release.

WB Montreal also thanks its fans for their support within the post. While delays are always a shame to see, more often than not they lead to the release of a better game — and Game Knights fans should hope that the same result is seen here.

Gotham Knights is now set to release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X in 2022.

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