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A Fortnite leaker uncovers a large, strange-looking rock with stats within the game’s files, which is presumed to be a meteor.


Fortnite Game Leak

There is always new content coming to Fornite and leakers often provide clues to what players may see in the future. Recently, a strange rock was discovered in the game’s files and it has some very interesting qualities attached to it. With no concrete information, the leaker has only taken guesses at its purpose, but judging by what they’ve found, it’s worth people’s attention.

Twitter user HYPEX posted an image of the object, which they have labeled a “rock/comet/meteor thing.” Judging by its look, it’s no wonder why the thing is causing confusion. It’s unlike anything Game players have seen before. Its codename is “boulder” and according to the leak, it has rolling physics and a “wake” effect. Additionally, it has stats, sounds, and is huge. HYPEX posted the mysterious rock’s stats alongside the image so players can start taking guesses at its purpose.

It may be brought into the game at some point during Season 6, which has just begun, but time will tell. Until then, players are exploring the new map and uncovering its secrets. Since the start of the new season, players have found the locations of secret chests on the map that contain Epic and Legendary loot. So far, there are 20 chests to open, all of which are buried in the ground. Players can find them by going to the correct spot and hitting mounds of earth with their Harvesting Tool.


71 hidden quests

There’s more than just looting for players to enjoy, there are also 71 hidden quests to participate in. Players can take advantage of these secret quests for fast XP in Game. Completing them all will earn players over four million XP, making for an efficient way to level up. This means collectors who want cosmetics and emotes quickly can cross off these quests to earn rewards as fast as possible.

If obtaining gear is more important than anything else, Season 6 brings new bosses and Mythic weapons to the game. There are a total of 3 new bosses and 2 mythic gear items, but they aren’t easy to obtain. Players will have to defeat corresponding bosses to earn their loot while also competing against other players vying for the same thing. As always, a player’s smartest first move is to be prepared.

Along their journey for loot, quests, or just the glory of battle, players will also encounter new NPCs in Game Season 6. The NPCs may not be as integral this time around as they were in Season 5, but they’re still worth visiting. NPCs will allow players to complete their Characters Collections. Currently, there are 46 NPCs and players can encounter them all, with the exception of one, which is believed to be Spark Plug. All in all, Season 6 is kicking off with a lot of new content, and players have plenty to keep them busy for a while.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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