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Following the Resident Evil Showcase event in January, Capcom confirms plans to host another Game Evil event in April 2021.

Resident Evil Game

Resident Evil
Resident Evil

Today is the day that the original Resident Evil game launched in Japan, and so it’s a big day for fans of Capcom’s survival-horror franchise. To celebrate, Capcom has made a number of Game Evil-related announcements, but it seems fans can expect an even bigger news dump next month. Capcom has confirmed that the next Game Evil Showcase event will take place at some point in April.

Capcom didn’t reveal much about what fans can expect from the Game Evil Showcase. It didn’t specify which Game Evil games it will be talking about specifically and it also stopped short of revealing the exact date it will be taking place. However, Capcom said that it will offer some more details on its various social media channels in the days and weeks ahead, so fans should standby for more information.

While Capcom didn’t reveal what it will be showing at the April Game Evil Showcase, one can make some educated guesses. It seems highly likely that the event will feature Game Evil Village, as the next main series entry in the long-running survival-horror franchise is set to drop one month later in May. More specifically, one would think details on the second Game Evil Village demo will be revealed at the showcase, though that’s just speculation at this time.

Another Game Evil

Resident Evil

Another Game Evil game that will likely be shown is Game Evil Re:Verse. Only available as part of Game Evil Village, Game Evil Re:Verse is Capcom’s latest attempt at making a Game Evil multiplayer game. Capcom’s previous efforts have not been all that well-received by the community, but fans will get the chance to try Re:Verse ahead of time thanks to an open beta that will take place April 7 to 11.

Capcom will likely focus on its previously-announced Game Evil games, but there is a long shot possibility that it will reveal new games as well. While fans shouldn’t expect to learn anything about the rumored Game Evil 4 remake, there’s a chance Capcom could show the previously-leaked Game Evil Outrage game. Supposedly in development as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, reliable leakers have suggested that the game may wind up being titled Game Evil: Revelations 3 and launch later in 2021.

Besides video games, Capcom may touch on Game Evil film and television projects as well. The last Game Evil Showcase spent some time on the Game Evil: Infinite Darkness CG movie that’s coming to Netflix, but maybe fans will get their first good look at the Resident Evil live-action movie reboot this time. Fans will just have to tune in to the Game Evil Showcase in April to find out for sure.


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