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Reputable leaker Tom Henderson hints at a standalone Call of Duty Zombies game once again, giving fans of the mode a reason to be excited.

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Since its debut back in 2008, Call of Duty Zombies has attracted a passionate fan base that has followed the mode for over a decade. Now, it seems like that loyalty will be rewarded, as well-known Game of Duty leaker Tom Henderson has doubled down on his claims regarding a larger focus on Zombies going forward.

While Game of Duty Zombies fans have seen the mode evolve from a small survival offering to the massive Outbreak mode, many feel as if it has always been treated as a third game mode by Activision. Since 2008, only two Zombies-focused expansions have released, with the common pattern of four post-launch Survival maps being seen in a majority of Zombies releases. Despite the expansions selling well and the mode being popular, fans feel that it has been viewed as a bit of an afterthought over the years.

According to Henderson, though, this will no longer be the case. In response to a fan saying that they hope Zombies will get a separate storyline and universe once again, as some have grown tired of the reused assets from campaign and multiplayer, Henderson had something exciting to say. Not only are “big things” supposedly in the works for Zombies, but it will supposedly no longer be treated as a “3rd game mode.” Much like Dead Ops Arcade is getting more support in the latest Black Ops game, the rest of Zombies could get more love as well – with the success of the latest Zombies offering likely being the reason for this new focus.


Previously, Henderson reported that a standalone Zombies game was in development, with this response seemingly seeing the leaker double down on those claims. Considering that a full-fledged, Zombies-only project has felt like a dream for fans over the past few years, finally seeing such a project become a reality would be huge for the mode’s future. While Henderson does not know who is developing the game, Treyarch’s attachment to Zombies makes it seem likely that it will be the studio in charge.

As for the features a Zombies-only game may have, currently it is anyone’s guess as to what can be included. Fans can certainly expect heaps of Survival maps, while more Outbreak content is likely as well. The game could also serve as a collection of all past Zombies content, bringing back every map, mode, and character. Seeing the story told in a concise way via campaign would be terrific, while custom maps on both PC and console could keep the game going for years.

Still, this is purely speculation, and it remains to be seen if one of the upcoming Call of Duty releases is Zombies-only. While Henderson has proven correct in the past, this information should still be taken with a massive grain of salt.


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