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Some Apex Legends Players Want Kraber Removed from Competitive Play

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A conversation is currently going on in the competitive Apex Legends community revolving around removing supply drop weapons from competitive play.

Apex Legends Players

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

While a big part of Apex Legends competitive play involves picking the right Legends for one’s team composition, an equally important part of a team’s build comes from the weapons they use. Just as every Legend has their placement in ranked play, so too does each weapon have certain advantages and disadvantages in a given match.

However, there are some players that argue the most powerful weapons should not show up in certain types of matches. Specifically, some Game Legends competitive players think that supply drop weapons like the Kraber and the Peacekeeper should be kept out of completive play, while staying in public and ranked matches.

It’s important to note that this discussion solely revolves around serious competitive play, meaning the pro circuit of Game Legends where players play in tournaments such as the Game Legends Global Series. Some pro players are arguing that supply drop weapons should be taken out of these tournament settings, as supply drop weapons add a bit too much RNG and unpredictability to matches. It’s not a completely unbelievable argument to be made, considering players are competing at such high levels of competitive play in Apex. Especially when one stops to consider that prize money is often on the line for these tournaments, it’s a compelling reason to exclude a bit of RNG from matches.

The tweets

One of the tweets that has been gaining traction online from the Game Legends competitive community is from TSM Albralelie. Albralelie retweeted another professional Game player, Monsoon, who is in favor of specifically removing the Kraber sniper rifle from competitive play. Albralelie, however, suggests that all supply drop weapons should be removed from competitive play, which was the case during the pre-season ALGS invitationals. Seeing as the ALGS Winter Circuit playoffs on Twitch are fast approaching, an official decision on this argument would have to be made soon.

supply drop weapons

It’s undeniable that supply drop weapons are incredibly powerful assets in Game Legends. The Kraber sniper rifle, Peacekeeper shotgun, and Prowler SMG nearly always place very high in Game Legends weapon tier lists for good reason. However, it’s also undeniable that these supply drop weapons rely heavily on RNG. There’s no telling where a supply drop will land before a match begins. On top of that, there’s also no telling if a supply drop will contain one of these power weapons inside.

Albralelie goes on to make another compelling point on why these weapons should be taken out of competitive play, explaining that “you have no idea when one is on the field, where it is, or who has it until it’s already been used.” Apex Legends competitive play requires acute map, team, and enemy awareness, so not knowing if a team has an incredibly strong weapon until its too late can be quite the unfair advantage for the enemy. At the same time, that’s simply how Game Legends is designed at its core being a battle royale title. Hopefully, some official stance on supply drop weapons will be made before the ALGS Winter Circuit playoffs begin.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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