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Eve Online Is Hosting Friendship Week, With Skins, Charity, And An Omega Discount

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Eve Online has also kicked off the festivities with charitable streams, benefiting organizations like Able gamers.

Eve Online Is Hosting Friendship Week

Eve Online
Eve Online

EVE Online is celebrating International Happiness Day by celebrating Friendship Week. This is a celebration of the connection between Game Online players and will include a series of streams, special offers, and more centered around friendship and community spirit in New Eden. It makes sense given that the best ship in New Eden is, literally, the Friendship.

The celebration is already well underway for Friendship week. Beginning last weekend on International Happiness Day, March 20, and running until March 26, there are plenty of special events and items to enjoy. This includes a daily stream on each day of the celebration. These streams will feature streamers from all over flying around with friends on CCPTV. Last week, Rahne kicked off the festivities with a special fundraising stream that raised money for Able Gamers. This is a community that is no stranger to charitable causes and helping out, as they lent a helping hand last year to the COVID-19 relief efforts.

Beginning on March 21

Beginning on March 21, there will be a friendly screenshot competition taking place. Players have the chance to send in screen grabs of them in-game with their favorite fleet to win awesome prizes. For more information on how to enter or to see what prizes are up for grabs, you can head over to the Game Online Facebook or Twitter.

From March 22 until March 30, players can also get 12 months of full Omega status for 15% off. There has never been a better opportunity to fleet up with your friends for unlimited access to EVE’s best ships and double training speed.

As an ode to CCP’s own Permaband, EVE Online will be bringing back Permaband Roadies SKINS for the Maller, Moa, Rupture, and Thorax. You can pick up a pair of skins for your favorite cruiser in a 2-for-1 deal at 55 PLEX. However, don’t wait to get this deal as it will only be available from March 24 to March 26 in the New Eden Store.

Finally, closing out the week of fun and celebration will be a final dev caravan featuring CCP devs, GMs, and ISDs flying together and spreading the fun. You can catch this caravan on CCPTV at 18:00 UTC on March 26.

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