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Marvels Avengers hypes up the upcoming addition of a story-heavy Villain Sector that will focus on the Cosmic Cube and Monica Rappaccini.

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Marvels Avengers
Marvels Avengers

With fans now knowing the roadmap for Marvels Avengers content releasing in 2021, Crystal Dynamics has begun to tease the individual updates. One of these teasers is for an upcoming Villain Sector, and it looks as if it will mark a major turning point for the ongoing Game Avengers storyline.

The Villain Sector will focus heavily on the Cosmic Cube, an important item within the Marvel universe. While its function inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe was to hold the Space Stone, its role in the comics has changed over the years. Different cubes have been used to alter reality, grant superpowers, and even serve as Cosmic entities. In the case of Game Avengers, the Cube seemingly serves to provide Monica Rappaccini with a moveset that allows her to fight the Avengers.

The Cosmic Cube Villain Sector was shown off in a brief clip on the official Game Avengers Twitter account. The six seconds of footage depicts Monica firing a massive purple blast from the Cosmic Cube, giving players an idea of what one of the villain’s main attacks will likely be. She can also be seen using the Cube to shield herself, another probable mechanic for her boss fight. With the ability to alter reality as well, she will likely be able to spawn in AIM bots and change the arena.


Intriguingly, Monica can be seen fighting Old Man Hawkeye in the clip as well. While Clint Barton does set out to stop Monica after Future Imperfect, it is not this version of the hero that should be doing battle with the villain. With the older Hawkeye still stuck inside the post-apocalyptic future, it is a bit surprising to see him involved in this fight. While this could just be showing one of Hawkeye’s alternate skins in action, that seems like an odd move for an official teaser, suggesting that future Clint may return to the story somehow.

At this time, it is unclear if it will have a special quest line attached to it, though a proper boss battle with Monica instead of one of her clones could have major story significance. Regardless, this fight does look promising, as it is far different from the original clash with Monica where she appeared inside a mech. With Game Avengers having an issue with boss variety, seeing something more creative like this is promising. Further, like other boss battles, this new Villain Sector will likely be repeatable, adding a bit more content to replay when it arrives this Summer.

With War for Wakanda bringing in a new enemy faction and this battle possibly marking an end to Monica’s reign as Scientist Supreme, this Villain Sector could be a turning point for the game. After all, once players bring down Monica, Game Avengers can finally get beyond AIM.

Marvels Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.


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