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New Biomutant Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

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THQ and Experiment 101 are encouraging people to pre-order Biomutant with a unique character class called the Mercenary, which is able to dual-wield.

Biomutant Game


For the last few years, it was easy to joke about how Biomutant was probably never going to come out. Between its incredible ambitions, small team, and years of silence, many assumed the worst. But back in January, not only was the silence finally broken, but publisher THQ Nordic and developer Experiment 101 confirmed that the game will release this year. And in case anyone doubted it, digital pre-orders have gone live.

Pre-orders for the Game’s physical release already went up last week, with there being three different editions to choose from, like the expected collector’s edition. But with the digital pre-orders now available, THQ and Experiment 101 have confirmed that some pre-orders will also come with an additional bonus in the form of a unique character class called the Mercenary.

The Mercenary is described as something akin to a samurai, capable of dual-wielding from the start of the game and armed with a katana and short wakizashi blades. It will be included with all digital pre-orders as well as the two physical special editions of the game, meaning anyone intending to get one of those editions don’t need to actually pre-order them. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to the physical standard edition.

THQ and Experiment 101 do add that the class will be made available as a separate purchase post-launch for everybody else. As if expecting people to be mad with them locking one of the character classes behind pre-orders, they defend the decision by saying that the pre-order incentive is a much better deal than buying the Mercenary class separately.

pre-order bonuses

While pre-order bonuses are nothing new for the games industry, they tend to be more acceptable when they’re cosmetics or otherwise don’t have any effect on gameplay. And a couple of would-be players have already expressed their displeasure with THQ and Experiment 101’s decision, though it seems most of the responses are from very excited fans who have been anticipating the game for years.

an action-RPG

The Game is an action-RPG and also Experiment 101’s first game. Set in an open world, players create their own custom character and embark on a mission to save the Tree of Life after it becomes polluted following a natural disaster.

Its comparisons to games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are certainly one reason to be excited for it. However, perhaps its most intriguing feature is the Karma system, which ties in to the game’s non-linear structure and will no doubt affect how the story plays out.

Biomutant releases on May 25 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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