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Balan Wonderworld’s developers respond quickly to feedback regarding a potential seizure trigger in time for the platformer’s launch.

Balan Wonderworld Game

Balan Wonderworld
Balan Wonderworld

It’s an odd concept to many that video games can be dangerous, yet it’s inarguably true. Video games are an inherently visual medium and there exists an unfortunate disorder of the central nervous system that can react negatively to certain visual conditions. That disorder is epilepsy. From time to time, games unknowingly cause epileptic reactions in gamers, the latest example of which being Balan Wonderworld. In Game Wonderworld’s case, at the very least, the issue has been fixed before the game launches.

Over the past week, as pre-release impressions of Game Wonderworld have been shared online, reports of a specific sequence causing seizures or epileptic symptoms grew. To be exact, there’s a sequence leading into a boss fight where the screen flashes between the darker visuals on-screen and a flat, light-grey green in rapid succession. The sequence was potent enough that it reportedly even caused some without diagnosed epilepsy to feel ill.

Game Wonderworld’s developers have now issued a statement clarifying that the sequence has been fixed and that it was a bug, rather than anything intentional. Since game Wonderworld launches today, its developers have been able to put together a Day 1 Patch together before players across the world gained access to the game.

many lessons

There are many lessons to be taken away from the situation with Game Wonderworld. Obviously, the main one is that developers have to be aware that their games can cause seizures, even due to bugs. The situation also points to how important early impressions and media access to games can be, particularly with a diverse range of players including those familiar with epilepsy issues. And further, how important it is for game developers to be able to respond quickly. A potentially serious issue has hopefully now been solved.

Balan Wonderworld releases today on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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