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Slick Fighting Game Sifu Shows Off More Amazing Gameplay Footage

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Players looking forward to the upcoming martial arts game Sifu can check out a recent video showcasing the title’s main story and combat.

Sifu Game


It is not that often that high intensity martial arts combat comes to a single player experience. Sifu, by the independent studio Sloclap, looks to be filling that niche for fans of that type of game. As a third person action experience focusing on hand to hand fighting, Game is a story about revenge. But a new developer video from Future Games Show goes more into detail about the gameplay.

Originally shown off in Sony’s most recent State of Play, the trailer gave a look at the impactful combat. Some gamers may be familiar with Sloclap’s previous title, Absolver, which sees players competing against each other using a wide range of martial arts fighting. In comparison, Game looks to be a solo experience showing how martial arts games are on the rise, Read Here

The presentation from FGS explains the core narrative and goal, as well as some interesting mechanics in the original trailer. The narrator for the video describes how fans will take control of a Kung Fu student whose family was assassinated. The five mysterious killers serve as the main bosses of the game, each in a signature environment. As players progress through the level, they will depend on everything from fighting skills to improvised tools and weaponry.

The five bosses in the game

According to Sloclap, the five bosses in the game are based on specific Kung Fu values and the elements in Chinese mythology. For those who are unaware, this refers to wood, fire, water, metal, and earth. One unique aspect of the first trailer is how the player character ages quickly throughout the game. After dying, the main character revives instantly but older, implying a variation to the roguelike genre similar to Hades. This is a homage to how Kung Fu requires practice to master, and creates an atmosphere where gamers can feel like they are actually learning this form of martial arts.

Games with challenging and complex hand to hand combat are few and far between. The best martial arts games are typically competitive fighting games, but game is bringing these mechanics to single player. While the FGS trailer did not outline how fighting actually works, it does seem to require fast reactions and quick thinking. By emphasizing melee combat and requiring tool usage on the fly, gamers will likely have their skills put to the test.

It could be disappointing to some to hear about the five bosses and environments though. Absolver could keep fans invested through deep customization and the availability of PvP. As a solo game, it sounds like Game could take some tips from Absolver‘s longevity. That said, if the levels are extensive and combat is punishing, fans could keep coming back for more. In any case, those looking forward to the title will be seeing more in the coming months before launch.

Sifu will release in 2021 for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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