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New Report Says Call of Duty 2021 Will Have Traditional World War 2 Setting

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A new report on Call of Duty 2021’s potential setting arrives, this time suggesting that the game will be a traditional World War 2 shooter.

Call of Duty 2021 Game

Call of Duty 2021
Call of Duty 2021

There has been no shortage of rumors regarding Call of Duty 2021 and its potential. Thus far, everything from a return to the future to the Korean War has been rumored, though a new report suggests that the next Game of Duty game will have a regular World War 2 setting.

This report goes directly against the recent rumor that Game of Duty 2021 would be set in an alternate timeline where World War 2 never ended. According to that leak, the game will boast a 1950s setting that continues the second World War beyond its real-world end date. This possibility was circulated by Modern Warzone, a reputable Game of Duty leaker that has shared details on everything from Game of Duty: Warzone’s nuke event to Game of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Remastered.

However, Eurogamer recently disputed this claim, with the website stating that its own sources have confirmed that the potential alternate timeline for the game is false. According to Eurogamer, the setting will instead be a by-the-books World War 2 story, sticking closely to the historical events and dates of the war. No further details were provided on the setting other than it being “traditional,” so it remains to be seen if the game will once again focus on America’s role in the war or touch on the other Allied Powers as well.

Modern Warzone

Call of Duty 2021
Call of Duty 2021

It is worth noting that Eurogamer did back up one Game of Duty 2021 leak from Modern Warzone, and that is the game’s official title. According to Eurogamer, the game will indeed be called Game of Duty: Vanguard when it launches later this year. While Modern Warzone did mention that this is the game’s working title, the leaker felt that this could change to something else for the game’s future release. Eurogamer disputes this, however, believing that this will indeed be the game’s final title.

For now, fans will need to wait and see which of these sources is correct regarding the setting of the game. Regardless of whether it is traditional or set in an alternate timeline, though, two sources have now reported that the game is set in the World War 2 era and will go by the name Vanguard. With Game of Duty 2021 also rumored to have Game of Duty: Warzone integration and a gritty, controversial narrative, the game is certainly sounding like an interesting project. Considering that rumored developer Sledgehammer Games last Game of Duty project was set in World War 2, seeing it return to this conflict would make sense.

At the moment, it seems like Game of Duty fans will just need to be patient as they wait for an official reveal. If Call of Duty: Vanguard takes after Game of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s reveal style, though, players could be waiting quite some time for more information to be shared.

Call of Duty 2021 is in development for unspecified platforms.

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