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It seems Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 has brought players an abundance of new glitches, as players discover a new one that lets them craft instantly.

Fortnite Glitch


While past Fortnite updates have changed the game in a variety of ways with new weapons, POI’s, and more, Chapter 2 Season 6 introduced the brand new crafting mechanic to the game. With added wildlife including Chickens, Boars, Frogs, and Wolves, players can tame the animals or hunt them for materials they can use to craft weapons and other items on the fly.

Of course, players will have to go out of their way to craft certain weapons, either destroying mechanical objects to collect multiple Mechanical Parts, combining them with a Makeshift weapon to make Mechanical weapons, or hunting wildlife to use animal bones to turn Makeshift weapons into Primal weapons. However, some Game players have now discovered a glitch that lets them craft weapons and items quicker than ever.

Over on Twitter, Game YouTuber Jedi2x posted a video showing players how to craft weapons and items almost instantly. Normally, it takes players 3 seconds to craft something, and while that seems almost insignificant, in the heat of battle, an extra second or two can make all the difference. Jedi2x shows that players can perform an exploit using Game‘s auto-run feature and crafting menus to make creating a new weapon nearly instantaneous.

The new glitch


This new glitch doesn’t circumvent the crafting process entirely, so to perform it, players will need the necessary weapons and/or materials beforehand. Jedi2x demonstrates that players will first need to activate auto-run, and then open up the crafting menu and try to craft a weapon or item. Doing this cancels both the auto-run and crafting process, but players can quickly reopen Game‘s crafting menu to then select what they want to craft again, drastically decreasing the crafting timer, letting players craft much quicker than before. Jedi2x mentions that while this may seem like a roundabout process, mastering the glitch can actually let players perform it in less time than it would normally take to craft a weapon or item.

It will be interesting to see if competitive Game players take up this glitch and start using it in their matches, as some may argue that it is more of an exploit than a glitch, but that will become more clear if Epic Games ever decides to patch it out of the game. Another recently-discovered glitch in Season 6 lets players regenerate their health automatically, essentially giving them an unlimited amount of health.

However, not all of Game‘s Season 6 glitches have been beneficial to players, as a recent Storm bug has also made it nearly impossible for players to see where they are going or who they are fighting when caught in the Storm. Players can drop into Chapter 2 Season 6 now, packed with all kinds of new content.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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