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Phasmophobia may be the current king of co-op horror titles, but the upcoming Forewarned seems to be the Egyptian equivalent of it.

Forewarned Game


When it comes to horror games, what seems to be in vogue at the moment is cooperative multiplayer titles where a series of players work together to investigate and take on spooky antagonists. Arguably, Phasmophobia is the current king, particularly on Twitch where streamers play with teammates as onlookers wait with bated breath in the comments. However, on the horizon a new co-op horror game is about to enter the ring which could rival it.

Called Forewarned, this indie multiplayer horror game was announced last Thursday and will be coming to Steam later on this year. The gameplay has correlations with Phasmophobia and other horror titles, but where it differs from others is its setting. The Steam page says the game will take place in ancient Egyptian ruins and players will take on the role of archaeologists, where they will be tasked with collecting treasures, recovering relics, and, of course, escaping the clutches of the evil that resides within.

The developer, Dreambytes Games, says as well as a Steam release, it will be looking to bring Game to virtual reality. VR games seem to be where it’s at when it comes to scaring the pants off players. Using haptic feedback systems and more immersive technologies means virtual reality is the key to making the most out of horror gaming. Attached below is the trailer for Game, which shows a character entering a dark chamber, in which lies an open coffin. No prizes for guessing what happens next.

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Only time will tell whether it will sit up there along with the best of them, but as it stands, there are more and more co-op horror games coming out, often to high praise. The likes of DEVOUR have also provided new avenues for gamers to scare themselves silly, often for the amusement of others whilst streaming. Red Barrels also threw their hat into the ring in 2019, when it announced Outlast Trials which would be a new game set in its terrifying and disturbing Outlast universe, but with a cooperative flair to it.

It’s arguably an amazing time right now to be a horror game fan. With the likes of Phasmophobia receiving constant updates, and setting the bar for other titles, Game has a real opportunity to add to the growing genre, whilst also adding its own flavor into the mix. If there’s one thing that is perhaps sorely missing from horror at the moment, it’s cursed Egyptian tombs.

Forewarned will be coming to PC, with VR support, in Q3 2021.


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