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Frustrating Fortnite Storm Bug Getting Patched Very Soon

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The Fortnite storm visibility glitch that benefits PC players over console users looks to be getting patched in the near future.

Fortnite Storm Bug


Another major glitch has appeared in Fortnite, Epic Games’ massively popular battle royale. But thankfully, it appears that it may be fixed almost as quickly as it materialized.

For this specific bug, the console crowd has suffered the most. The Game glitch makes it so that players are unable to see while inside of the storm. Of course, the storm in Game is what players are ever-escaping. But on the PC there is a bit of a work-around. That should be no longer needed as the bug should be patched very soon.

The major issue is that the performance mode on the PC gives players an edge over console players in Fortnite with this bug. This is because the glitch makes it so that it is nearly impossible to see anything while in the storm, almost as if an unmanageable fog has overtaken the island. However, with performance mode on PC, the storm is hardly noticeable. While console players can barely see their own noses, PC players can see everything as if they were not in the storm at all.

This is clearly a major issue, and Game is known for game-altering bugs. Thankfully, it looks like Epic Games is working on a fix. According to the Game Trello, fans should expect this to be taken care of; apparently, by the next update. The visibility issue within the storm is explained as something that popped up with version 16.00 of Game, and something that Epic Games has completely addressed and will be fixed by the next game update (likely version 16.10).

The Bugs


Bugs have always been a problem in Game, but to be fair that is something that is expected in an online multiplayer game as a service environment. Another recent glitch in Game allows players to craft weapons instantly. The hope is that Epic Games will swiftly take care of this bug (and all game-breaking problems) as quickly as it seems that it will be taking care of the storm visibility issue.

Game has been heavy on the crossovers, and more are likely on the way. The game is continuing to do very well, as it has skyrocketed far beyond the experimental battle royale. First simply a blurb on a patch note meant to curiously compete with PUBGGame is now known world-wide far beyond the world of gaming, but these constant glitches are certainly a pain-point for those who play the game daily. The good thing is that it looks like this rather massive glitch was fixed rather quickly, which is definitely encouraging.

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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