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Outriders builds hype before the game’s launch next week by showing off some powerful build options for the Pyromancer class.


Outriders Game

Fans are counting down the days until Outriders launches, with some still grinding out loot in the demo. With just a small portion of the game available right now, players have had a chance to replay the Game demo multiple times in order to experiment with all four classes. Each class plays differently, and players must keep in mind equipped abilities and effective range in order to take down enemies efficiently. The Pyromancer relies on dealing damage to get health back, and Game has teased a late-game build of this class that looks quite powerful.

One of the keys to understanding combat throughout the Game demo is figuring out the game’s cover system. Players have had mixed reactions to the cover mechanics, with some feeling that the system doesn’t promote exciting gameplay and is confusing to use. The Pyromancer class does have some options when choosing cover, with a few abilities that flush enemies out of hiding and stop enemies from moving for easier kills. However, this late-game Pyromancer build may be good news for players who don’t like the cover system, as it seems aggressive tactics are the key to success.

The Pyromancer is the second most popular class from the Game demo, so plenty of players will be interested in seeing how the class may look at full strength. This build is called the Fire Witch, and it relies on using skills in a specific pattern to keep enemies at bay. As seen in this short Twitter video, the Pyromancer is able to avoid cover almost completely by sequencing together the Overheat, F.A.S.E.R. Beam, and Eruption abilities to melt away enemies.

The build does look quite strong

Although the build does look quite strong, there is one key difference that separates this clip from combat in the Game demo. Most of the enemies in the demo are humanoid and have guns. That means players have to do a lot more hiding behind cover to avoid bullets when replaying areas to farm Legendary gear. It seems likely that Game will include a mix of both human and monster enemies, so the Fire Witch build may not be best for all situations. But Game will include multiple build options to experiment with, and another Pyromancer showcase video gives a better look how effective certain abilities are against humans.

The combination

Ultimately, it will be up to each player to figure out which class and build combination works best for them. It’s also possible that the developers will release more of these short clips for the other classes so players can see more late-game builds in action. Game preloads are already available for some players, and everyone will get to see the rest of the story on April 1.

Outriders is set to release April 1st, for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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