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After xQc almost faints during a bank heist gone awry in the Grand Theft Auto 5 NoPixel RP server, a familiar voice offers some advice.

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Grand Theft Auto 5
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The tensions can run high on the Grand Theft Auto 5 NoPixel 3.0 roleplay servers. Recently, the ever-mischievous Felix Lengyel, aka xQc, managed to make headlines when orchestrating a bank heist that went terribly wrong. Just as fans weren’t expecting xQc to almost pass out, it appears that the world of Game Theft Auto 5 has a few more surprises in store for the Canadian personality.

The NoPixel 3.0 servers are a separate part of Game Theft Auto 5, working one patch behind Game Theft Auto Online while offering players a world where personality tends to outshine mayhem. With an entrance questionnaire that could rival that of universities and a litany of massive streamer names frequenting the RP server, NoPixel 3.0 is one of the most exclusive destinations for gamers in the modern world. This exclusivity tends to turn a few heads when monumental feats are undertaken, or health concerns are streamed.

The actor for Michael in Game Theft Auto 5 has commented on xQc’s near loss of consciousness during the heist gone wrong on Twitter. As reported by Dexerto, Ned Luke encouraged Felix Lengyel to work slow and steady when the pressure begins to mount. xQc was ecstatic to receive notes on bank heisting from the actor that lent both his likeness and voice to the sweeping narrative, grinning while stating “That’s crazy dude, that’s actually sick.” If the mantra sounds familiar, it should to veterans of the Game Theft Auto 5 campaign: Michael tells Trevor to keep it “Slow and steady” as the opening heist gets underway.

The colorful streamer

The colorful streamer continues to reach fans with his consistent antics and bizarre outbursts that have placed xQc in the spotlight more than a few times. That same color has placed the Canadian in hot water a few times, however. It’s a give-and-take relationship.

NoPixel 3.0 continues to gain steam as the developers behind the exclusive custom server add more into the world that Rockstar created. Recently, the developers released an in-game racing application that allows racers to participate in the activity. The application isn’t entirely without hiccups just yet, where upcoming checkpoints can misguide players into taking wrong turns, but the ongoing development continues to offer both fans and the players themselves an opportunity to dive far deeper into the virtual world of San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online is available now for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


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