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Square Enix Commissions Kamui Cosplay to Create Outriders Grim Marrow Legendary Weapon

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Cosplay legend Kamui Cosplay creates an insanely detailed real life version of the Grim Marrow Legendary weapon from Outriders.

Outriders Grim Marrow Legendary Weapon


Even in the demo of Outriders, there is a whole lot for players to do. It has been out for a while, and yet there are still some players that haven’t finished it yet. Ahead of the full release of the game on April 1st, Square Enix commissioned Kamui Cosplay to create a real life version of one of the legendary weapons in the game, the Grim Marrow. While this may seem like a tall order, Kamui Cosplay rises to the challenge, creating an incredibly detailed and accurate representation of the gun with a working trigger, sounds, and lights.

Although players in Game have access to special powers thanks to being Altered, they still rely heavily on their guns for combat. As a loot based game, getting a good gun can often mean the difference between winning or losing an encounter. The Grim Marrow is one of the best around, a Legendary Light Machine Gun that slows enemies and creates anomalies when they are killed.

This build was actually commissioned by Square Enix, and it gave Kamui Cosplay a choice of any of the currently available legendary weapons. Kamui Cosplay’s build of the Grim Marrow looks daunting, but they make a point to use mostly basic materials that would be available to anyone. For the most part, the entire thing is built from PVC pipes, foam, foam clay, and a whole lot of hot glue. By the end of the lengthy build that took over four weeks to create, Kamui Cosplay is left with something she describes as “very cute, very ugly, and very amazing.”

The video below showcases the entire process


The video above showcases the entire process from start to finish, allowing fans to watch in just 30 minutes what took them four weeks of hard work to do. During the video, she also reveals that she has yet to get Grim Marrow in game. Getting legendary weapons in Game takes a lot of time and dedication, and Kamui Cosplay has instead been focusing its time on creating this real life variant of the gun.

For those that find themselves astonished by this incredible creation, Kamui Cosplay isn’t quite done with Game just yet. In order to further promote the game and this build, it is going to create an Game outfit as well based off of the Game shown in the key art. This should also come with a photoshoot and some really impressive pictures, so keep an eye out on Kamui Cosplay’s social media channels.

Outriders releases on April 1st for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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