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Project Triangle Strategy Aiming for Runtime of 50 Hours

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Taking the HD-2D art style from Octopath Traveler and combine it with turn-based tactics and choice-driven gameplay, Project Triangle Strategy (as it is currently called) looks like a particularly interesting prospect. The game’s recent demo got some solid responses around, and there are plenty of questions about how the final project is going to turn out. During a recent interview at Game Live Japan (translated by Nintendo Everything), producer Tomoya Asano revealed plenty of new details, while also talking about how long it will go.

Asano repeated that Project Triangle Strategy it will have several terminations, and the development team is currently aiming for a running time of about 50 hours, as they generally tend to with most of their projects. He added, though, that that’s up in the air, and things could change.

“We are planning for the game to have multiple endings,” said Asano. “In terms of game time, that’s still up in the air … we always aim for around the 50 hour mark, but it never seems to turn out that way.”

When asked when we can expect to hear more about the game, Asano’s response was quite vague, saying simply, hopefully, “before it cools.”

Project Triangle Strategy due for the Switch some time in 2022. The game demo is currently available on the Switch eShop.

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