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Override 2: Super Mech League – Ultraman Deluxe Edition announced as pre-orders become available

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Looking forward to joining the Super Mech League when Override 2 releases later this year? Well, there’s now even more reason to get excited thanks to the partnership with the Japanese superhero Ultraman series.

Override 2: Super Mech League is set to launch in December 2020 on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and Nintendo Switch and thanks to a new collaboration between Modus Games and Tsuburaya Productions – they behind the Ultraman series – there are a host of new reasons why it should be on your list. Four reasons in fact as four exclusive fighters will be entering the fray.

The Override 2: Super Mech League – Ultraman Deluxe Edition will build upon the core 20-mech roster that is set to be in place by adding in four key characters from Netflix’s most watched anime series of 2019; Shinjiro Hayata wearing the iconic ULTRAMAN Suit, the mysterious Bemular, Dan Moroboshi donning the ULTRAMAN Suit ver7, and the incredibly powerful alien Black King.

This oversized offering will include:

  • The Override 2: Super Mech League game
  • The Ultraman Season Pass bringing four iconic fighters from Netflix’s ULTRAMAN series to Override 2
  • Additional Ultraman cosmetic items for use in-game

And if that sounds like something you have to have in your life, then you’ll be glad to hear that pre-orders are now available at retail.

Override 2 looks to be building on the first game – our review of Override: Mech City Brawl is here – by packing in a varied roster of charismatic powerhouses with distinct abilities and a massive Career Mode. You can then also throw in new maps and ways to play and a host of unlockable customization options. At the heart of it though will be the same original deep party brawling action that many enjoyed previously.

Check out the trailer below to get further insight into how the Override 2: Super Mech League – Ultraman Deluxe Edition will play out. And then let us know if you’ll be picking it up.

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