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WJapan Studio and Sony are circling the remake of the late, it’s not a bad time to look back at some of the funniest wild game shows that Japan Studio came up with many years ago. The list of gaming consoles that came from Sony to Japan Studios collaboration is one of the more eclectic ones you’ve ever seen. Almost all genres were touched – in most cases. The one we’ll look at today though is White Knight Chronicles games, just like the other brands found by Japan Studio – the type that grabbed and the type that didn’t. This is exactly what Japan Studio tried in the JRPG brand, and it wasn’t a bad effort, all in all. Things like Gravity Rush and siren games had similar genres that saw little success but not enough to get off the ground and turn into a long-awaited franchise. But why does it happen? Why it happened White Knight Chronicles turning it into something more than just a few mid-sized-budget games despite good games in their own right and plenty of talent at the helm? What happened in hell White Knight Chronicles?

White Knight Chronicles it’s a franchise you’ve never heard of, especially when you first started focusing on games seven or eight years ago. Launched in late 2008 in Japan and a few years later in North America on the PlayStation 3, White Knight Chronicles open to an audience that was fairly mixed on the game and there was no real consensus one way or the other.

The game, for the most part, was very much used of the genre for that kind of time and today would be called a reality show. It’s a pretty pretty passenger RPG. You learn attacks, you level up, you maintain and acquire items after battles that you will use to improve other elements of gameplay, and there is a real-time combat system that can be freely started in time you fight the enemies of the world. This may be the beginning of sin a White Knight Chronicles. Just haven’t done anything new or exciting for this time. If you want a good RPG with that Japanese style you have countless other games to choose from that no doubt make it better and have a little more meat on the bone.

Unfortunately, the story never saves the experience of being about the public. The king was killed, the princess was captured oh, and a brave man was engrossed in sewing an indescribable suit of armor to save the day, and he did. With just a little something that can be rolled out in a game 20 to 30 hours long, for that matter, it’s a bit of a stretch This isn’t to say the story or the action performed well or exploded. down in any major way, but it just doesn’t stand out in many ways on the PS3, which like anyone who has played most PlayStation 3 knows, is a JRPG bonanza. Va Recent history, le Tala sequence, Disgaea, Eternal Sonata, Resonance of Fate, etc., a field full of people, because White Knight Chronicles showing the gun to the toothbrush is an idea.

While many will praise the game for how well it puts together its different techniques and how it can be done with its challenges, including its attractive appearance on the web, there are still plenty of them. criticism of his half -heartedness online and a story that was very simple and visual – even in JRPG. Even so, despite the widely accepted sympathy and challenge of detractors on all sides, White Knight Chronicles sell pretty especially in Japan and at that time it was more than just reason to really think and pursue a series created by Japan Studio and White Knight Chronicles 2.

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The sequence in White Knight Chronicles will improve on the beginnings ’weaknesses in some notable ways. The fight was more immersive in the como you could choose from, more flexible with different types of armor and clean work, and the overall picture made was more interesting with a lot of attracting groups to explore with a good sense of enemy type. That said, he has always fallen below the more important competition than improving on his own issues. From the point of view of anyone outside of the White Knight Chronicles Ultra fandom circle, it looked very similar to the original game with a story and set that didn’t try to do anything new and better online. put together by the one who added to the experience for him to be useful mixed with. Lots of White Knight Chronicles compliments come from what they were right about single player offline content so it was a bit unclear why they didn’t spend all their time and effort focused on that. In any case White Knight Chronicles 2 just every story a flop especially when compared to the last game was the best in all measured ways although the game was worse overall.

That said isn’t the end of the franchise right now, Sony is starting to shift its focus to innovation and innovation, the White Knight Chronicles series will be brought to the PlayStation Portable with a new game White Knight Chronicles. There were a few surprises on his tree and more interestingly made main characters than one of the first two games six dreamed of having.

White Knight Chronicles a perfect example of a series game is never self -assured. I have a lot of outdoor games to say but that’s about it White Knight Chronicles what hurts the most is the fact that types start to correct in the end. The problem is, with the first two games doing as badly as they did, you can’t really blame Sony for pushing to the side and taking the knowledge and budget to other games that came to shut down the PS3 in on a much stronger basis than at the beginning. Maybe if they gave away a PS3 style budget and the savings that Guerrilla Games got when they did Killzone 3, everyone may have been surprised and did well.

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But given the situation the PlayStation was in at the time they needed to stay and stand out when it could compete with the Xbox 360 and expand support for the next generation, it’s easy to understand why they didn’t want to. take that risk at that point. And with Japan Studio still focused on the team that made the Astro game and more than cleaning up everything else right now, the difficulty of the next crack in the White Knight Chronicles franchise is a bit low to say the least. It was a series that was never achieved until it was too late and even then, it wasn’t good enough to stand out in the games needed to compete and to be able to adhere to any kind of academic performance. That said, there are still games and for those who love them they can play again all the time. But perhaps the only thing that will be out of this franchise is that it has yet to find its foundation.

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