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Path of Exile 2 Might End up Skipping PS4 and Xbox One

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After several long months of lack of updates, Grinding Gear Games added valuable information above Ways of exile 2 at the recent ExileCon, showcasing new gameplay images from Rule 2 and detailing everything from new enemies to new weapons and more. Another thing the company emphasized is the better visuals that are being made to the game than its predecessor – but it may end up coming at a cost.

In a newspaper Q&A, Grinding Gear CEO Chris Wilson said Wccftech lena Ways of exile 2 will probably end up discarding the Xbox One and PS4, and may be launched only on the PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X / S. It’s worth noting that he said “maybe” it will happen that, so nothing is set in stone- but it’s safe to assume for now the game won’t be releasing for last-gen devices. Meanwhile, Wilson also confirmed that the cross-game was being watched, but again, he was prevented from reaffirming anything.

How Ways of exile 2 is set with the fact that it will share its outcome with the first game, it should be interesting to see how next-gen exclusivity is linked for the game, if in fact the outcome happens.

Ways of exile 2 it is now set sometime in 2022, with its production meeting and crossing the COVID network. The launch date will be announced.

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