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As revealed by recent datamining, Aloy of Horizon Zero Dawn and the forthcoming Forbidden Horizon West will join Fortnite. She is part of the Horizon Zero Dawn Bundle which arrives on April 15th at the item store and also features Blaze Canister Back Bling, Glinthawk Glider and Spear Pickaxe Aloy. There’s also the Focus effect, Heart-rizon emote and Shield-Weaver Wrap (reminiscent of the first-game Shield-Weaver armor).

While the items will be individually available, you also get a Skywatcher Download Screen as a bonus. Buyers of the Aloy Outfit on PS5 can unlock Auk Hunter Hunter Style based on the Banuk Ice Hunter outfit. In addition, there is an Aloy Cup that players can compete to unlock Horizon Zero Dawn Bundle early. The tournament – which focuses on earning bonus points with a bow kill – kicks off April 14th. The best duo teams in each region will receive the bundle as a prize.

For everyone else, the upcoming limited time mode “Team Up! Aloy and Lara ”who see Raider’s Tomb Lara Croft works with Aloy. One player starts as either Aloy or Lara while his teammate takes on the role of the other. They all have their own weapons and must hunt wildlife. Limited time mode will begin April 16th at 6 AM PT and end April 18th.


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