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Of all the titles we expected from Konami, sequel to Den Getsu Fūma of 1987 was the least expected. GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon coming to Steam Early Access on May 13th with the full version launching in 2022 for PC and Switch. Check out the game’s sharp ukiyo-e aesthetic below in the reveal trailer.

Like hack and fraudulent lite-lite, GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon sees a guard using the powers of the Getsu clan venturing to Hell to fight yokai forces. Packing and timing are part of the battle with weapons like spears, katanas and battle umbrellas available along with special moves. If you die, then the plan of Hell changes, offering new challenges.

Players can customize their weapons, unlocking new abilities and enhancements to make future runs easier. You can also collect souls during each run for selecting improvements “dynamically and strategically.” Along with the gameplay trailer, Konami released two unbroken gameplay videos with one showcasing a second playable character.


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