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TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 52: Breaking down the PS5 and FIFA 21 transfer woes

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It’s time for yet another podcast and, after Sony unveiled a deep dive into the PlayStation 5 hardware, that’s going to be at the centre of our latest episode. Not only does TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 52 contain thoughts on that, but also the disappointing fact that some big games won’t be transferring all of your current progress to the next-gen upgrades, with FIFA 21 being a prime example. So please, sit back and enjoy our musings on all of that… and more!

This week, the team tackling the current goings on consists of Gareth, James and William. It’s a rather wild opening segment for this episode, with The Walking Dead season finale and the McDonald’s Monopoly scheme getting attention alongside a frank discussion regarding the future of the cinema industry. Do we believe cinemas can bounce back after the pandemic is over? 

Then we move on to the thorough breakdown of the PlayStation 5, including the process for upgrading storage capacity and how much effort it’ll take to be able to lay the console down on its side during use. Sticking with the next-gen theme, there’s an NBA 2K21 gameplay video that caught our eye, showcasing the realism on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Those looking forward to Watch Dogs: Legion may be interested to hear about the story trailer and post-launch plans

The disappointing announcement that progress within certain areas of FIFA 21 won’t carry over to the next-gen upgrades leads us to consider the possible reasoning behind this, as well as a selection of other games in the same predicament. And speaking of FIFA 21, that’s one of the games we’ve played this week, hence we discuss our first impressions. There’s also time to chat about Star Wars Squadrons and the original Prey, so tune in for the lowdown on those!
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