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“Metacritic Score is Everything” at Sony – Days Gone Director

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Many printers in the industry will see Days are past it’s a breakthrough, thanks to its large and loyal fan base, its impressive sales, and the improvements it has seen with end-to-end upgrades. But for Sony, however, this is certainly not the case. A recent report revealed, when SIE Bend Studio founded the Days are past series, Sony turned it down, and the game’s sweet reception (sitting at 71 on Metacritic) was one of the main reasons for that choice.

Sony has enjoyed widespread criticism and rave reviews for almost all of its AAA releases over the past few years, and with Days are past as an exception, Bend Studio suffered the consequences. And according to John Garvin, who was the lead writer and editor, and left the room after its launch, Metacritic scores very important to Sony as a publisher.

Speaking in a recent interview with God of War ma Twisted iron creator David Jaffe (which you can see in full below), Garvin says “Metacritic of everything” according to Sony is concerned, and continues to suggest that Days gone by low Metacritic scores were responsible for his departure with Days have gone 2’s canceled

“That’s the only Sony fact,” he said. “Metacritic scores everything. If you’re the creative director on a franchise and your game is going to come out in the 70’s, you’re not going to be the creative director on that franchise for a long time. ”

Days gone by co-director Jeff Ross (who is also no longer in Bend) as well as recently the room for the series included a globally shared co-op experience.

Although a sequence may not seem likely at this point, it is Days are gone property has less to look forward to, with a PC record of the game starting May 18th.

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