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The Ace Attorney franchise was an interesting one to look back on. Primarily releasing on handsets, the series helped popularize a visual novel adventure game hybrid following Phoenix Wright as he solved a variety of cases and crossed paths with many colorful characters. However, there is something of ‘lost’ divisions, Great Ace Attorney. It covers two different games originally released on 3DS that have never been localized outside of Japan. Now, that’s changing.

In a new message from Creator Shu Takumi, it was announced that the two titles would be coming west for the first time in a collection. The two games in question are Great Ace Attorney: Adventures a Great Ace 2 Attorney: Solve. Instead of following the main cast, they are set in Japan and England in the 19th century, but have the same routine of investigating cases in a combination of adventure game and visual novel.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will release on PlayStation 4, Switch and PC on July 27th.


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