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NACON unveils new range of Designed for Xbox accessories

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NACON are going all out in their push to be a market leader with the next generation of console and today they have unveiled their brand new range of Designed for Xbox accessories, with Xbox Game Pass and cloud gaming right at the fore of the action.

NACON are right up there with the leaders in the design and distribution of video games and gaming accessories but going forward they aim to be an even bigger player. And that is where their new range of Designed for Xbox accessories comes in: the NACON MG-X Series and two new customisable controllers for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Win 10 PC.

nacon MGX_01

Taking the MG-X Series first and this is NACON’s attempt at helping gamers turn their smartphones into consoles. Going up against the likes of the Razer Kishi, the MG-X Series brings all the functionality of official game controllers to allow players the chance to take in an optimal gaming experience on smartphones.

The two MG-X controllers promise to be sturdy old affairs and include adjustable stands that securely accommodate any Android smartphone that is up to 6.7 inches in length. From there, with just a few little taps, the smartphone connects via Bluetooth 4.2 to the controller and provides up to 20 hours of gaming thanks to the included rechargeable battery.

The MG-X is the more compact model, promising to fit all hand sizes and being ultra-portable. However, there is another option – the MG-X Pro. An experience that is more in line to traditional controllers, the MG-X Pro comes with two handles and a more traditional controller shape, all while providing comfort and robustness.

nacon MGXPRO_01

Whilst those are NACON’s options for those going all in with cloud gaming, they are also dropping a couple of new controllers – the Revolution X and Pro Compact.

The main selling point here is that customisation will be at your fingertips, working with both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The very first Designed for Xbox Revolution model, it is fully customisable and optimised for competitive gaming on consoles and PC. It is here where all of NACON’s expertise in professional controllers has gone in with full-featured software for creating profiles, a carry case, stick accessories and additional weights, it will appeal to the most demanding gamers.

nacon RevProX_01

Complementing that, and with ergonomics tailored to a wide range of hand sizes, comes the NACON Pro Compact controller. As well as enjoying all the classic features of the Xbox Wireless Controller, you will be able to choose a standard game mode or advanced mode thanks to the dedicated app available for consoles and PC. The Pro Compact is a versatile and accessible model with many different settings usually found on professional controllers, including programmable buttons, stick settings and trigger sensitivity controls. Frankly, it looks to be an ideal choice for gamers looking for the best in comfort and customisation.

So when can you get your hands on – quite literally – the new NACON products? Well, early 2021 is the currently slated date, with the MG-X Series and the Revolution X and Pro Compact controllers designed for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC rolling out around then. We’ll be sure to let you know once they are available.

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