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Monster Hunter Rise Worldwide Shipments and Digital Sales Cross 6 Million Units

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There was almost no doubt than that Monster Hunter Rise sells well, and its sales since its launch have been about what you would expect. In fact, it has crossed another milestone. Capcom has has been confirmed that the game’s digital shipments and sales worldwide crossed a total of 6 million units. At the last count, that figure was roughly 5 million units three weeks ago.

Given the legs that Capcom plays (especially Monster hunter) and the main limitations of Switch usually display, it is likely to keep this sales momentum going for some time. Monster Hunter Rise It has also consistently been at the top of Japan’s sales charts, performing well in the UK retail charts, and enjoying a strong first appearance in the NPD charts.

The game also received its first major update after the launch, which adds several new monsters, among other things.

Monster Hunter Rise is currently only available on the Nintendo Switch, and will release for PC in early 2022.

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