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Famicom Detective Cluba road to the West is a wild one. Released in Japan more than thirty years ago on the Famicom (the Japanese version of the NES), the series was very popular. It was so popular, in fact, that Nintendo wanted to add Ayumi, one of the main characters Super Smash Bros., but eventually decided against it when they realized that Western audiences would not know who the character was. Despite being re-released several times through ports to the Game Boy Advance and the Virtual Console, the series was never released outside of Japan.

Recently, however, Nintendo announced the remake of two of the games in the series, Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir a Famicom Detective Club: The Woman Standing Beyond, both of which were initially released on the original Famicom, come to the Switch and are localized for Western audiences.

With the game being released on May 14th, another trailer seemed inevitable after the reveal, and Nintendo has released it today. The trailer discusses the stories of the two games (so you might want to avoid it if you’d like to go blind) and shows the lovely new art, some of the characters, and Japanese transitions.

If you are interested, the games can be purchased separately, but buying one will get a $ 10 discount on the other. The Missing Heir is the first game in the series, but since then The Woman Standing Behind in prequel, you can play them in any order. If nothing else, this is an interesting experiment from Nintendo, which still hasn’t released Mother 3 in the West despite fans asking for it for years.

Both Famicom Detective Club launching games on the Nintendo Switch on May 14th. You can watch the latest trailer for the titles below, courtesy of Nintendo.


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