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Destiny 2 Seasonal Armor Won’t be Earned From Season Passes Going Forward

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And Season of the Splicer is coming up Result 2, Bungie is changing the way it handles the armor of the seasons. Inside This Week in Bungie, indicated that the armor will be available in seasonal operations and is not included in the Seasonal Track. These levels will replace with Glimmer, Upgrade Modules, Exotic Engrams, upgrade items and Legendary Shards.

Parts can be obtained by signing Umbral Engrams. Given the Power level changes this season (with players getting 10 additional levels to scratch instead of 40), the immediate boost from acquiring new armor is not needed. The seasonal armor is put away with a good clip when playing in seasonal activities as well as extra money will be more useful.

Bungie also confirmed that new features could be found outside of Override, the main season of the Splicer program. The Null Composure fusion rifle is available with 12 additional Special weapons, four each for Gambit, Crucible and Vanguard Strikes. Three returning weapons, including the Hung Jury SR-4 from Destiny 1, can be found on the list each night and weekly.

Go for a high difficulty which means high skin space and Grandmaster Nightfalls on June 22nd will feature Adept genres of each. Result 2’s Splicer season starts on May 11th and ends on August 24th. Stay tuned for more details now.

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