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THere’s a lot going on inside Bad Bad Country. True to the series’ identities, this is a thick game, and it throws hard puzzles at you to make a lot of different forms and is often fun to overcome. And as you get ready to embark on Ethan’s journey into this land of wonders, here, we’re going to list a few helpful tips that will allow you to be better prepared to face it. Bad Bad Country a lot of horrible stuff.


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Always checking your map is an important part of the process Bad stay sports, and so on Nuu This is also helpful for those who are familiar with the process, but if you are a newbie, keep this in mind – if a room on the map is indicated in the blue, it means it’s cleared, and you’ve done everything here you can. If a room is on fire, there’s still something there you haven’t found, whether it’s building valuables, weapons or items, or treasure.


bad community

Speaking of Bad Bad Country bring back the radiance, the radiance of Stay Bad 4, and just like that game, most of these are mostly hidden from view. They can be stuck in walls, in ceilings, in corridors in corners where only the sights can be seen. Carefully study your surroundings, and if you see a glow, make sure you shoot it down. The cash you earn for treasure collection is very valuable.


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Also, just like inside Stay Bad 4, some treasures can be combined with each other to make them more valuable. Don’t quickly sell all the treasures you find on your treasure chest, and the game will tell you if a particular treasure can be combined with others. Completing sets will get you greater amounts of cash when selling to Duke, so always keep that in mind.


It has to go without saying, especially with what Bad stay games, but we’ll keep saying that, because it’s important to remember. From missing animal treasures to new weapons to notes and logs to even some secret rulers, Bad Village there’s a lot hidden behind item choices that you can miss out on, so make sure you don’t rush into the game. Whenever you enter a new place, study as thoroughly as possible.


Of course, you have to study thoroughly not only when you enter a new area, but also when you return to adulthood. You’ll return to the village, which is the centerpiece, most of the time in the game, and each time, you’ll be able to go to new areas that weren’t available. From being able to open gates to being able to enter remote places you may not have been able to reach before, the community will expand every time you return. Whenever you come back, be sure to take a moment to research further before you start the main search again.


Hunters are a completely new engineering c Bad Bad Country, and it’s quite important. Duke can cook special dishes to boost your health, protect your immune system, and speed up your movements, just as you might think. lava war Animals are often hidden in secret and voluntary places, not only in the community and places that are the main game of “prison”, so keep an eye on them. Checking your map regularly is a good idea – but keep in mind that if you drag your map too much, it doesn’t show up where the animals are. Oh, and one more thing — don’t waste bullets on the hunt. Use your knife.


Pei Stay Bad 4, Stay Bad Village you spend money to upgrade your weapons throughout the game. We recommend not starting with that. More specifically, don’t waste money on repairing the pistol you started the game with- it gives you better holes later on, and you save more and spend your money on upgrades na.


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You’ll be picked up making valuable items and used to build weapons throughout Bad Bad Country, but if you have a choice, it’s better to use those to build weapons for your rifle or shotgun than for your rifle. There’s a lot of Ammon like that in the game, but Duke also sells ammunition at cheap prices. Sure, sometimes you may find yourself with no ammunition, to the point that you have no choice but to use your resources to build gun arms. But if you can help it, prioritize other, more powerful ammo types.


Just like that Stay Bad 4, you can shoot down cracks you see in your surroundings, and just like that Stay Bad 4, they often lose their cash. If you don’t have enough money, shooting crows is a great way to build a good reserve. They don’t drop a huge amount of cash, of course, and you also have to look at how much ammo you have and whether you can afford to waste it on archery, but if you really need the money, they’re a good last resort, if nothing else.

Shoot down below

bad community

Shooting birds may not always be effective, but shooting fences is almost common. Many times, you find small yellow bars hanging from trees or ceilings inside Bad Bad Country. Whenever you do, make sure you shoot them down. They always give you either ammo or make -up, which is always useful.


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Bad Village bring back the Tetris-style attache basket bag attachment handle o Stay Bad 4, and you can, of course, expand your list by purchasing expansion bags from Duke. In fact, we recommend buying those as soon as possible and always their availability. Expanding your research to make sure that the weapons you find throughout the game (in addition to all the different types of weapons and health items) can fit is very important, so prioritize these purchases over anything else. all.


Security is not a new device – Bad stays 7 it was too – but more important this time. You are often attacked by a lot of enemies, which means you are often calmed down and surrounded. In these cases, protection from attacks is important to avoid too many intrusions, especially if you increase your defenses by using Duke’s special menu The police officers are well timed to allowing you to be chased away by pushing enemies, it also allows you to unlock curtains to shoot enemies while creating a room for you to breathe.


Surprisingly, Bad Village there is the hastening of hope through impossibility. In case you don’t know what it is, as its name suggests, accelerating interest gradually increases the speed of movement of your reticle as you focus down visions. It’s an absolute riot, and it makes setting up a difficult and very bad thing, where a lot of wars and conflicts can turn into difficult and lazy things. Once you start the game, head into the stages and turn off the shields.


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If you are playing Bad Village on the PS5, you’ll want to turn off the trigger as well. The game doesn’t use the DualSense trigger as well as your target – every time, the trigger triggers, causing you to completely lose hope, or be unable to fire a shot. Just annoying. It is found in the way of enjoying war. Practice yourself if you want to see if you enjoy the performance more than we do, but we recommend turning it off in stages as soon as you start playing.


Bad Village Mercenaries is brought back after years of demands from fans, and there are a few important basics you should keep in mind as you play. For starters, cash is limited, so it’s best to have two weapons on your inventory and invest money on their upgrades rather than buying all the weapons you might. possible. The good thing about this is that it will allow you to sell ammunition for guns you are not using. For example, if you’re going with a shotgun combo, you’re free to sell any firearms you find, which goes for a certain amount of money — you’re better off spending on upgraded firearms for guns. are you. have it in your arsenal.


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