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Result 2’s Season Splicer is now available to see mission news, a new six player action and Transmog added to the game. Paper stories have been released, explaining all the details of the changes, while the Season Pass trailer describes some of the new features and cosmetics on offer. Check it out below.

Of course, the launch season was not without its issues, to the point that Bungie had to take services down for emergencies. Eventually, they came back on the site although the sign-in and link-related issues continued. Bungie Help confirmed on Twitter that the “Honeydew” and “Moa” bugs have been completely resolved.

But for some of the changes that have been updated to release, four new Lost Parts have been added in the exchange date for Legend / Master Lost Parts. Momentum Control and Team Scorched are also available on the Crucible. Check the complete patch sheet ii for more information.



  • Four missing sections have been added to the changing date of Stories or Difficult Sector Records!
  • Fixing case-by-case issues with unresponsive or clumping value in multiple activities.
  • Improved an issue that can prevent AI enemies from being shot in some 6-player action if there are too many enemies alive in the area.


  • 6v6 Action mode with an updated intro experience.
  • You can now tour your teams to watch the techniques related to the activity you are entering.
  • Momentum Control and Team Scorched are back and will be available as part of the weekly tour.
  • Adjust The Dead Cliff’s spawn points so that it no longer puts players on the edge of the cliff at the start of games.
  • Record satisfying soundtracks for the losing teams in private games and at Showdown.
  • Mercy is not fully empowered in private games.
  • Players can now participate in a specific game in progress at any time, regardless of the scoring team or the time remaining.
  • Install on Distant Shore, Bannerfall, Judgment of the Widow, and the Fire Altar.


  • Fixing a rare issue may cause the front to not be sorted because one living enemy is hiding in the first clearing front on the other side of the map.
  • Check the incorrect progressive wave in Legion’s Folly (Vex).
  • Fix a case that can befriend a Scorn and start attacking other Scorn.
  • Fixing an issue where fallen motes would have disappeared if the protesters had called their prime minister.
  • Fixes an issue where you can’t wander around or are hiding in the Deep Six Gambit map.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Warlocks to properly use Blink network abilities to stay on the opposite side during attacks on Gambit.

New Light Struggle

  • Improved information in some help messages.
  • There will no longer be messages popping up on conversations to distract players during Crucible and Gambit games.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to abandon the quest for ‘A Spark of Hope’ but could not retrieve it from the Quest Archive vendor in the Tower.


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