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Warning: There are a number of disruptive things ahead for Resident Evil Villages.

Bad stay as a series that has never been shy to experiment and experiment with new things, even with the many winning streaks it has had over the years. From changing the camera scene to introducing new characters to completely changing the tone and focus of the series, Bad stay there have been many styles and fragrances over the years. The new entry in the series, Bad Bad Country, keep that tradition going — although in many ways it seems to be a combination of some of the best the series has done over its 25-year history, the end result of the product itself was feeling completely unique. In fact, overall, it seems like a very unique thing Bad stay it has been done.

There are a lot of small reasons for that, of course. A common defining thread is often taken together RE games, but for the first time ever, a Bad stay game service is a directly narrative sequence in the events of the first numerical sequence. The community that serves as a center that you return to many times throughout the story is very emotional. Zelda-So in his emotional face. Of course, we can go on and on about these many elements to make Nuu feels like a difference Bad stay experience- but there are two major areas of the game that show up better than anything else.

The four Lords of Ethan Winters wake up and lose over the course of the game each story with their own unique scene to dominate, where each team brings their own style of play, its own equipment. , his own enemies, his own system. And now, Beneviento’s and Heisenberg’s factories are two that stand out because of their differences, many of which have set themselves apart from the kind of things you’d normally expect to see in a Bad stay sports

Let’s start with the Beneviento House, the part of Donna Beneviento, the woman dressed in black with a dramatic backstory who dedicated herself to the art of making babies and bringing them to life. in really scary ways. Fale Beneviento is not like anything Bad stay he did it before, and feels more like what you’d think you’ll see in the Bloober Team game, or Amnesia games, or even PT, for that matter. Pure mindedness, nothing else- in fact, probably the scariest thing Bad stay the games have already been made, which is highly commendable. Although Donna herself does feel overwhelmed compared to other Lords watching the game due to the limited season-time she has, House Beneviento is a standout venue.

Walk into the mansion as you pass through a forest trail through the fog, on the climb and see the mansion on the hill with a beautiful waterfall nearby, see Ethan breathing in the pollen of his special trees and it starts to calm down … even before you enter the Beneviento Palace, you know you’re in for a truly scary trip. It sets the tone well for what’s to come. And what’s to come is a short walk into a scary, deserted, empty house, and although that walk isn’t even an hour long, it’s still a permanent one. feeling it’s hard not to look back at one of the hallmarks of the game.

miserable village beneviento village in

Ethan loses all of his items and weapons as soon as he enters the castle, and the whole group is played without a fight, whatever, which is a big deal for a Bad stay games, especially one that focuses on battles and scary activities such as Bad Bad Country of the. In that way, House Beneviento is not only unique from the rest of the series, it’s also different from the rest of the game featured in it. With no war and no enemies to fight, the whole group spends time going from one room to another, collecting items, solving puzzles, all in a more terrifying look possible, as Ethan discovers mysterious objects. , and parts of Mia’s history.

And the more progress it makes, the more frightening it gets, and the flashes of red lightning and stealthy sounds come from the radio and you will have it. It all ends, of course, with large, mutate, baby bodies chasing you through the halls as you try and escape, in a heart-pounding scene that becomes a perfect fit of the slowly palpable mind-blowing House Beneviento, and because of a sequence that sees you chasing a scary doll that lives all over the house. From start to finish, House Beneviento is a scary place that is all about scary and more.

And so we come to the Heisenberg factory, of course, feeling special in a different way. The Beneviento House is about fear, the Factory House is about action. The Beneviento Building is quiet and peaceful, the Factory is bombastic and adrenaline-dueled. The Beneviento Building is focused and small, the Factory is large and spacious. From a visual design, with mazy, walk-in closets and rooms on multiple floors, and its metroidvania-esque lock-and-key design, Heisenberg’s Store feels close to what Bad stay it is known for, but in other ways, very distinct from any other element of the series that has been made before.

residential bad village heisenberg factory

The main reason for that, of course, is the beauty of the whole place. It lives up to its name, and it’s very sci-fi, in that way Bad stay it has never been in the past. From the countless warriors lined up on the other side of the vast array of belts, lines of assemblies, and machines to reach the iron -clad enemies strapped into their heads and torsos and bodies. all so that they are unaffected in almost any attack, from avoiding inflicting death while exploring the area to fighting against armed monstrosities and everything from massive drills for hands (or even heads) and in time in jetpacks- not what you expect to see Bad stay.

And I know mileage will be different. This is going to be the divisive part of the game for that very skeptic. Some will enjoy it, others will be delayed by his effort. For my money, I really enjoyed it. It’s very well planned, so exploring its labyrinthine interior is a complete pleasure. With its unique opponents, they each have great combat skills, the challenge is greatly increased, so it’s not like the game loses one of the chaos it has created to get to this point. – that’s right, of course. The Heisenberg factory is probably one of the most adrenaline-fueled and hard times of the whole game. Probably not special scary, per se, but very prolonged in that way Bad stays 4 fans will be all familiar with. No, I don’t want a whole Bad stay games are just what Heisenberg’s Factory did, but inside Nuu a historically, the group was perfectly fast, perfectly designed, and exactly the same length as it should be.

Certainly, I’m not a huge fan of the boss fighting against Heisenberg where this whole group falls apart. Sit in a tank and fight against a massive mech and telekinetic ability and at one time even fly through the air as you move around falling debris to get back into your tank — you don’t want to it came from a Bad stay rule the war. Fortunately, he wasn’t the only warlord at Heisenberg’s Factory. Not long after that, Ethan also comes up with a big, scary mutial machine gun with a lot of screws mounted on his head to charge you like a cow and shoot red fire at you as you try to cover, all set in a court-like court with ruined walls- and the general manager is absolutely amazing.

live in bad neighborhood of heisenberg factory interior

These two parts of the game – the Beneviento building and the Heisenberg factory – combine about one -third of the total experience, perhaps more than that, but it’s very memorable. They are perfect examples of the two things to be described Bad Bad Country more than anything else unique and unique. Purists might say that’s not what one wants to see Bad stay– but when new ideas are implemented as well as they are here, it is difficult not to impress them.

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