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New 2D Metroid, New Fire Emblem, Super Mario Party 2 Could be Announced at E3 2021 – Rumour

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It’s a day for Nintendo dropping, it seems, all of which come from one source, fun enough. Zippo, a Nintendo insider, recently announced a blog update, where they talked about a number of potential upcoming Switch announcements, including a new one Mario Kart, new Donkey Kong game, and the Breath of the Wild sequel launch. In addition, the leaker also talked about several other unannounced Switch games.

New 2D rumors Metroid game has been around for some time now, and Zippo says this is definitely happening. Developed by MercurySteam, it says inside this game that “two hundred percent exists”, and is probably already wrapped up in development. Nintendo and Metroid boss Yoshio Sakamoto is probably very happy with how the game has turned out, and the game will probably run at a “very smooth” 60 FPS. An announcement at E3 seems likely, the report claims.

Meanwhile, new Fire Emblem game is also coming. Zippo writes that Intelligent Systems has been working on the game for a while (the wording makes it seem as though its development has even overlapped with 2019’s Three Houses, developed primarily by Koei-Tecmo), and probably could be announced at E3 as well, with a development allegedly “nearing completion.” Rumors have pegged that he is remaking it Genealogy of the Holy War, which is the fourth main line Fire Emblem game, launching for the SNES in 1996. It never released outside of Japan.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has more plans for Mario Party too, it seems. Super Mario Party is the best-selling game of the series, with over 14.7 million copies sold, and recently received a major online update as well, almost three years later from its launch. Zippo writes that Super Mario 2 Party it is likely to be announced at E3 next month, and will be ready for a late launch in 2021.

It should not say, but this is all unverified information, so treat it that way. Zippo has been on the money with several Nintendo leaks in the past, but it’s been wrong at times, too, and Nintendo is particularly secretive and unpredictable – so nothing is set in stone. Either way, it looks like we’ll know for sure one way or another with all these things, so stay tuned.

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