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Money – or Not, as it’s popular – is easy to get into Bad Bad Country. However, considering how expensive weapon upgrades can be, along with purchasing weapons and supplies, you’re sure to cut corners sooner or later. Fortunately, many valuable items throughout the game can be acquired and sold at a higher price.

Pretty much all the treasure must be found before you go to the Factory (since you’ll be locked into the story until the end). Let’s take a look at the different treasures and how to get them.

  • Stone Necklace and Cesare’s Goblet – These are selling for 8,000 Lei and 19,000 Lei respectively. After the match at Castle Dimistrescu, head to Luiza’s house via the Fallow Plot. In front of the steps, there is a box. Open to get the Luiza Necklace. Visit the item to retrieve the Stone and then get it again for Luiza’s Key. Look for a room to the left as you travel down the street to the Ritual Site. Open and Cesare’s Goblet will be inside.
  • GM 79 Grenade Launcher – In East Old Town, you will find a building with an Iron Insignia Key. Open for the GM 79 Grenade Launcher. However, if you have the weapon, you can get 20,000 Lei instead.
  • Steel Hraesvelgr – After the Beneviento Castle, explore the Garden Garden to find Luthier’s Key. Head to West Old Town and look for Luthier’s House (which was locked while searching the red house). Open the key and look for a cabinet that requires a number. The serial number is 270917. When unlocked, you get the Steel Hraesvelgr for 14,000 Lei and the higher Capacity Mag for the F2 Rifle. Also, if you have the latter, you can get 10,000 additional Lei from picking up.
  • Berengario’s Chalice – Remember the tomb right in front of the entrance to the Beneviento Building (where you keep a photo of Ethan’s family to enter)? After exploring the Beneviento Building, you will need to find the Headstone Slab for the tomb. It stands in the crypt in the Cemetery near the Dimitrescu Castle in front of the gate. However, be sure to compile it right after Beneviento – the crypt will be closed later and cannot be used later. Return to the tomb near the Beneviento Palace, defeat the enemy with the ax and then place the Headstone Slab. You receive the Berengario’s Chalice for 18,000 Lei.
  • M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum – After the part with Moreau, you will find a door leading to his laboratory that should open and crank. Look for a housing with a hole that can be installed and you will find the M1851 Wolfsbane. If you already get it, then you get 30,000 No.
  • Golden Lady Statue – With the crank and boat key in position, return to Lone Road and put down the drawbridge. Take the boat, which leads to a place below Castle Dimitrescu. A room with a hanging lamp in the center can be found – shoot towards the two nearby lamps to ignite them. This will open the side doors. Shoot the torch towards the Moroaica that comes out the door and face the other door that is open to illuminate the light. This will open the main door and allow you to collect the Golden Lady Statue which is worth 20,000 Lei.
  • Father Nichola’s Angel – Travel to Otto’s Mill and you find an enemy riding on an ax. Defeat to enter the locker room behind him. Look around for a box containing Father Nichola’s Angel for 22,000 Lei.
  • Guglielmo’s Plate – After completing the Fortress and collecting a story item theme, you’ll find Guglielmo’s Plate on the left. It costs about 25,000 Lei and is very hard to miss.

If you’re having trouble finding all the treasures, check out the image below courtesy of the Game Guide.


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