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The mid-term update for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is now alive. Season 4.5 brings two new rounds – The Slimescraper and Button Bashers – with the former seeing players over-scum across several floors and the latter having pairs of players battling in various smaller arenas. Check out the trailer below.

Variants for many different rounds have also been added, such as low-gravity versions of Hex-a-gone and Thin Ice. In terms of features, Custom Lobbies is now available to everyone and cross-platform play for PS4 and PC players is also live. There is also a new Player Reporting function, although Mediatonic notes that it will not “operate on reports only” or “prohibit anyone from hooking or using game mechanics in the normal way.”

The update also brings a good number of bug fixes and improvements to the core game. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout currently available for PS4 and PC. This summer’s release for the Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms was slated but was delayed. Expect details on a new release window in the coming months (hopefully playback for those platforms is supported out of the box).


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