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Rpresident Leaga it may have started as a console-specific franchise but with later PC ports and new releases, the modding scene has developed over the past few years. This was best seen in Bad stay 2 from 2019 and Bad stay 3 in 2020, from replacing Mr. X and Pennywise from Ua it replaces both normal zombies and nemesis.

With Bad Bad Country recently released, it still doesn’t have the same number of mods just now. However, there are still a few good options available, either to prepare solutions or to change the appearance of some characters. Let’s take a look at ten mods that are worth using.

Fluffy Pule

Just like the previous information released for Bad stay 2 ma 3, Fluffy Manager allows for managing and installing mods for Bad Bad Country. It is just as effective that many other mods need to be installed first. Along with providing a mods list and setting the priority for different mods, it also allows you to place them directly from pages into the controller. Some of the more underrated options go beyond just running other mods – you can adjust the field of view for normal exploration and focus with the termination of the vignette effect and the HUD. For those who find the Village’s FOV to be very limited, this provides a good choice over everything else.

Lazy FoV and Vignette Fix

If you want more control of the field of vision in the game, then Maceyaface’s Lazy FoV and Vignette Fix mod should do the trick. It offers sliders for field of view and vignette effects and the game updates in real-time as you change settings. There are separate settings for basic FOV, zoom FOV and vignette with the option to turn off the button while playing cutscenes. While the mod will remember your settings when booting up, you can also have it directly edit the game file. This makes it so that you only always have to run the game and not manage different mod sets.

Mini Me Chris

What if Chris Redfield didn’t just attack the Winters House and kidnap Rose? What if Chris was there, despite Rose’s place? What if Chris comes to rescue Chris’s baby? Modder JTegh sought to answer these burning questions by applying Chris’s face to Rose’s baby body. Even looks are useful because of the fact that they do. Fluffy Manager needs to be installed to run this mod so you have to prepare first.

The candidate is incomplete – because of course it is impossible – but a testament to the enormity of the Bad stay modding communities can be sometimes. What connects Baby Rose’s face to Chris’s body?

Baby On Chris Face

In fact the next step is to change the face of baby Rose on Chris ’body, although it is very useful in the preface. Modder JTegh is once again the culprit, although the mod was only made after the success of the Mini Me Chris mod. The looks used here, allow this version of Rose to look just like everyone else in Redfield, although the eyes remain the same all the time. Even so, seeing Chris with his face say “Ethan, no!”, That too while holding Mini Me Chris in his arms, is a sure thing but a funny joke.

Mother Aese Lele Aese

Bela, Cassandra and Daniela don’t spend much time at Castle Dimitrescu, but for the most part, it’s hard to get rid of them because all the flies are flying around. The xRaq’s Daughter Flies Removal mod “removes” flies, providing a much clearer look to all females. There’s nothing better than changing decorations to help best compliment the detail and vibrate the work on display. Since flies are still making (but not visible), those with low satisfaction problems may not be noticeable in some improvements.

Read Theodora

Just got in Principle 4 ma Malo Loto 3 every game, the intimidating Thomas the Rewarder comes to Bad Bad Country. However, he did in the case of Lady Dimitrescu, using the same facial expressions for real scary moments (especially with the wide-eyed incomplete face trade). It’s not the best thing – the mod usually jumps out from time to time, making it seem like Dimitrescu has no head. Even so, seeing Thomas with the whole set of teeth as he smiles and touches us with the form of a close to 10 foot tall female vampire is probably something we don’t need in our dreams.

Lady Dimitrescu Armors

In Castle Dimitrescu, you will find different suits of armor. They don’t really do anything but they add a nice medieval vibe to the environments. If you can’t get enough of Lady Dimitrescu though, then there’s a mod by xRaq to replace the armor on her face. Yes, the result looks more like a sculpture rather than a proper suit of armor with its exposed toes probably coming in a little too much. But they fit in better ma see more detail so there it is.

Names of Real Weapons

If you’re one of those people who sees a real shooting world in a game and can get along with its fake name, this mod is for you. Created by ReapMcMuffins, it changes names in different shooting games with their real names. The F2 Sniper Rifle has become the MAS FR F2; the M1911 handgun becomes the Colt M45A1; and the WCX has been renamed the SIG-Sauer MCX VIRTUS SBR. While it’s not the most polished mod – since it’s assembled so quickly – that adds even more realism to the event.

Popular start-up routine

There are a lot of timing and sequences, not to mention gameplay elements, that will call back to the titles. However, one missing element is borrowed from that last part of the real RE fear – the start -up screen with the message “This game includes scenes of chaotic clarity and gore.” Thanks to the boycalledjames modder, you can add a custom message to greet you at all times. Plus, it’s available in many languages ​​including English, French, Italian, Spanish and more.


Don’t have an HDR monitor but want to know what it feels like to play in HDR? The RE VIII – HDR FX mod by Vanguard1776 does just that. Sort of. The ReShade mod actually adjusts the scenes, giving them an HDR -like effect. The results are beautiful with the lights brighter, the darker shades deeper and everything that comes up is more vibrant. Along with the option to sequence effects, there’s also one for allowing Deep Ground. Considering the modder’s ReShade works on title tags, it’s worth checking out this one, even if you just need a different look to the game.


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