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Resident Evil Village is now out, and not surprisingly, the new entry into Capcom’s beloved live horror franchise has received a lot of criticism and business success. A celebration of the series ’25th anniversary, Nuu Not only does it feel like a really bad horror theme ride that pulls more elements from the rest of the game’s history, but it’s something that’s really unique and more exciting than most. Bad stay games to date. Before launching the game, we reached out to their developers to understand some of those elements of the experience, and ended up learning a little bit about the process. You can read our interview with company Tsuyoshi Kanda below.

NOTE: This interview took place before the start of the game.

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“Developers as a whole often try to approach every new area with an open space in order to strengthen our creative waters. Once we can pull it out and re -evaluate our list of idea, that’s where we start.out how it all fits together, not only Bad stay universe, but with other more granular features like machine gameplay and game balance. “

Fans noticed the umbrella sign being featured prominently a few times in sports games, and it was mentioned on those few occasions. Bad Bad Country service is the culmination of a ’25-year history series. With all of that in mind, to what extent can players think of the story of the game tied to elemental pieces and teams of previous bindings?

I don’t want to study too much into the story itself, since I don’t want to ruin the game for those who haven’t played it. However, all I can say is that we are very much aware of the reality of the world of Bad stay it has been around for over twenty years now, and it’s important to keep things consistent and interdependent from one title to another. However, we also don’t want it to interfere with our creativity. The developers in its entirety try to approach every new feature with an open space in order to strengthen our creative waters. As soon as we can pull it out and review our list of ideas, that’s when we start figuring out how they all fit together, not just the Bad stay universe, but with other more granular things like machine gameplay and game balance.

There are many ways Bad Bad Country are taking signals from RE4, which is best to see, since RE4 one of the best parts in the series- but what time in the development game did the team decide to use as an inspiration for Bad Bad Country? Was the plan always out of the go, or was it something that came about planting during development?

The beginning of development is Bad Bad Country it started months before the release Bad place 7 biohazard. We were confused in defining a clear method without seeing how the 7th themes were found, were found, but one of the issues we found was the expansion of the building site in a more realistic sense. We wanted to expand the many different aspects of promotion to RE7, such as characters, stories, environments, and enemies. As such, we expanded the atmosphere of the palace into a community. Since Bad stays 4 was also set in a rural area, it was just natural that we got a lot of inspiration from him when preparing to develop. Bad Bad Country.

What is the reason for choosing to stick with a human first opinion? Given the popularity of RE2 ma 3 remakes, there was always a discussion during development that there was a better-shoulder scene for RE Nuu?

Suppose we started developing before the launch Bad place 7 biohazard, is certainly a fair amount of uncertainty as to how the audience will experience the change in the camera scene. In spite of RE7 a strong homage to the first part of the franchise and a real intention to push into the roots of mobile life, introduced many new elements to the franchise as well. We also introduced a new character, Ethan Winters, but instead of pushing him forward, he became more of an avatar player.

Laki, RE7 was met with great force of welcome, and served not only as a great source of relief, but also helped to pave the way for Bad Bad Country. That’s when we decided to stop the other part with a first person scene, continuing the concept and story of Ethan Winters.

bad community

“Since Bad stays 4 was also set in a rural area, it was just natural that we got a lot of inspiration from him when preparing to develop. Bad Bad Country. “

You can talk to us about mechanical protection at Bad Bad Country? At first glance, it looks similar to how players defend against internal attacks Bad stays 7, but is likely to be the most important engineer this time. Is that the case?

The defensive guard works the same way as before, but if you press it again immediately after defending, you can kick an enemy. One of the goals i Bad Bad Country offering the player all the best variety in terms of the types of enemies Ethan encounters as well as how enemies can be armed with the weaponry in the time he gives up. Enemies within Bad Bad Country They attack differently, so their strategies also need to be adjusted. We wanted players to have a sense of freedom in being able to decide if and how they wanted to engage opponents, and what weapon would suit their game best. While some players may choose to play safe and snipe enemies from a distance, some more heroic players may want to stand close enough to himself with a shotgun. We thought that engineering kick to build gaps between Ethan and his attackers would be good engineering for these types of players, especially at higher difficulties, even if it was just building pitches. opportunities and buy time to test their action.

Digital steps have always been an important pillar of the Bad stay franchise, and that’s part of it Nuu it looks very interesting. It looks like the game will be more expansive and stand out than the rest of the game, but other than that, hearts Nuu also have embedded, digital network connections that routinely use familiar users?

The more open environments in the world are Bad Bad Country compared to the claustrophobic and compact environment of its predecessor. However, players can still have the same philosophy of playing solid games, where they may end up in areas that aren’t immediately available. The satisfaction of picking up a new item and remembering what to use is still there. As well as a public environment, we also wanted to reward players who were hit by traffic, so we also designed environments to reward those who get off the beaten path and explore a little more.

Bad stay constantly trying to strike a balance between action and fear. Bad stays 7 depends a lot on the latter a, but Nuu seem to be more action-oriented elements as well. What kind of balance strikes between the two?

Bad place 7 biohazard it really reflects a real attempt to get back to our roots and build a title that evokes the level of fear offered by the first part of the franchise. The good reception we received after the launch was very convincing and the whole team development was a calm and very happy one.

At the same time, we also heard some fans say the game was too scary. We want Bad stay that as many people as possible may reach it, Bad Bad Country a more action-oriented approach was created. That’s not to say the level of fear isn’t there. Fearful fans can be sure that the peak in fear is still there, if not more frightening than before.

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“We want to Bad stay that as many people as possible may reach it, Bad Bad Country he created a more structured approach. “

It may take a little too soon to ask about this, but I have some later-announced plans for it Bad Bad Country? Especially with the Mercenaries now proven to be in the game, the game seems to be a bit more stressful for after-sales support.

We didn’t make any announcements about the completion of the launch. However, anyone buys Bad Bad Country have free access to the online multiplayer experience Resident Evil Re: Section, which will live in Summer 2021.


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