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Rmore than going with one kind of scary style like so many others Bad stay games played, Bad Bad Country use a different approach, using its titular position to create dangerous main park genres, with different designated areas in different styles, sounds, and techniques. From purity to familiarity Bad stay horror to gothic horror to fear in the mind, a lot is happening Nuu in many ways. Now, we’re going to look at each of the six games that are big, organized. Given that there is no reality a bad situation in the game, say we’re sorting them from the worst to the most not entirely accurate – we say we’re sorting them from good to amazing, because.

It has to go without saying, but there is people round the front for Bad Bad Country.


Moreau Reservoir is located in a derelict fishing village, and is overgrown with not only years of decay, but has also been flooded under a lot of water. In this episode, the most dangerous Salvatore Moreau was able to run amok like a huge and disgusting fish, while covering the entire area with his green, gelatinous or whatever the hell to say. Most of the Reservoir is short, and while there are certainly puzzles to solve and hide areas to explore, for the most part, the bulk of the set turned out to be a long set. The divisions leading up to the boss fight may not be as strong as the rest of the game, but thanks to some great team members and the amazing guy who fought to clear the area, Moreau Reservoir still deserves a lot of praise.

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