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Ignite your soulflame as Evergate prepares to hit Xbox Series X Day One launch

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It was back in May when we first heard of PQube and Stone Lantern Games’ desires to send the haunting puzzle platformer Evergate to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Well, even though the PC and Switch releases have already taken place, there’s better news for Xbox players – Evergate will launch on Day One on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Welcoming you back to the Afterlife, in Evergate you will take control of the child-like soul – Ki – navigating your way through a beautiful afterlife and no less than 85 challenging levels. By utilising the power of Evergate’s unique align-to-shoot Soulflame mechanic, you’ll be tasked with taking aim at numerous crystals throughout. And as we all know, wherever crystals may be, extraordinary powers lay in wait. Picking these up, and unravelling the connection between two spirits is what will push Evergate along.

Billed as “An essential purchase for puzzle/platforming fans” by Nintendo Life, and working Gamespot’s angle of “Inventive puzzling, constantly surprises with new mechanics”, the PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch editions of Evergate have gone down brilliantly. And that is why release on Xbox gets our juices flowing.

Fully optimised for the next-gen, and launching on Day One on Xbox Series X|S, the 2D puzzle platformer will take advantage of the new systems’ massive power, delivering 4k graphics and 60fps alongside it’s stunning visuals, enchanting story and addictive gameplay.

The latest trailer below will allow you the insight you are needing…

We’ll be sure to remind you when Evergate rocks up onto Xbox, with Series X|S launch. In the meantime, let us know if you’ll be checking it out. The comments section is down below and we’d love to hear your thoughts surrounding the launch of Evergate on Xbox Series X – no more so than if you’re already checked it out on Steam or through Nintendo Switch.

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