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Resident Evil Village it may not be a multi-dozen hours of gameplay that takes you on a globe-dragging journey, but it uses its best simulation in more ways than one — even in terms of mysteries and eggs eggs, which are just rubbish throughout the game and beg to be found. We’ve been spending some time with Capcom’s live streaming masterclass so far, and in this episode, we’ll talk about the best secrets and egg yolks we’ve found in the game.

NOTE: There are more advanced damage items for Resident Evil Village.


The Duke is a brand new product that the retailer loves a lot Stay Bad 4, be just one of many ways Nuu take cues from his first rebellion. Ma RE Nuu there are very few self-explanatory references to that effect. For example, during your first meeting with the Duke, he will suddenly go in a familiar voice, “what are you buying?” He would follow up with a photo, saying it was just a “friend” thing he used to say.

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