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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 – How Long Are We Going to Have to Wait for the Sequel?

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Few games from the Final Thoughts genealogy that caused the fanbase to go on fire in recent years just like the remake of the super-popular Recent history 7 from more than 20 years ago. A remake that many fans have been shouting for over the past year is that the former’s visuals and gameplay are the most entertaining and can keep the experience behind for a while new players and characters unusual. kind of sports, a lot of players these days. And of course, with the announcement of a repeat of maybe Final Fantasy’s The most popular entries always come with a lot of new appreciation and love from the Final Thoughts fanbase hasn’t been treated much in years. Of the Final Fantasy XIII the games were good, but not what the fans wanted, Recent history 14 is more focused on the winged MMO is Final Thoughts including, and Recent history 15, while still being a good game, isn’t top-notch that hard Final Thoughts fanatics who wanted to.

Final Fantasy 7 Reconstruction that path will change, though. Enjoy the hard old school Final Thoughts fans as well as preparing things they are a little more familiar with the game you might find in 15 a narrow line to walk but Square Enix was largely able to make it to episode 1 of what is sure to be a three -part and Final Thoughts repeat again. The game that mixed the story and characters of the original story was handled with great care and changed very little, and the machine gameplay and creative production will feel more familiar to many modern players. For many, it was exactly what the doctor ordered – and there was the added benefit of bringing so many new players into the series that they might not know exactly what they were doing. . And where does that leave us? Well, for those who have finished the game and seen all it has to offer, they are still playing wait for the game.

It’s no secret to Square Enix that this remake will have to be cracked for all to be worthwhile rather than even better than that. As such, it is a follow -up Final Fantasy 7 Reconstruction the story of the game’s start continues to be almost certain. But what’s next? And how long it will take Final Thoughts Do the waiters really expect to wait in the basement for a follow -up but lose interest in the process and move on and forget about it?

Thankfully, there may be some historical examples when it comes to answering early stories. The first Final Thoughts entry is divided into several games – the 13 trilogy-seems more-or-less to be the street track of the Square that follows and 7 repeat. Both games are concerned with the same story and set of characters but are divided into different races. If they are really trying to redefine that map, then it may take a few years. Final Fantasy XIII was released in 2010, its follow -up didn’t come out until 2012, because, in fact, The bikes are back launched in 2014. Each game is about two years apart, which even for that time was a very short development cycle.

While other three-A games of the seven generations were good in development three years, four years, or maybe even longer than that, the Final Fantasy XIII games were still able to come out on a regular basis every two years. It’s not due to any kind of magic tricks on the Square Enix scene as the games we’re lined up are comparable to previous stories and were clearly built on the original foundations. Given that, it may be reasonable to assume that we will receive Final Fantasy 7 Reconstruction games on a similar schedule. they don’t need to re -create character models or boxing simulations as they did for the first game for the next two, so in theory the major development time for the second game and the third in game three, as was done for 13 games.

Of the Final Fantasy 7 Reconstruction series has something different going on than those games do – mobile games. Final Fantasy 7: The First Hero ma Myth 7: Problems are always there. Both of these games are planned to launch before the next important part comes to the fore FF7 series and will no doubt be sourced from Square Enix to make and release to players. It is not known whether the development of these racing games will slow down the development of the mainline series or not, although common sense would lead one to believe that Square Enix knows what is going on. they do very well to ensure that all projects are supported to ensure that there is no loeching of progress from elsewhere. I think we can give them the benefit of doubting that one.

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There is also another element to keep in mind for this part of the Recent history 7 story; after Midgar is turned into a great game. The development of the Final Fantasy 7 Reconstruction there is no cost of being able to do whatever they need as they do while doing it Final Fantasy XIII. While some creative freedoms are certainly possible, they have a summary to follow here and that editorial summary is that once the Midgar section is complete, the game opens up slightly more and more explored opportunities, more people, and just a lot more content available to the player in general. This doesn’t mean the next game will take longer to make than the first one did but it does seem to mean six, and maybe the idea of ​​making a game on the theme is biennial story line a little more controversial. Although the teams have the opportunity to change things and the story and take some liberties with the foundation that started the game, it’s hard to say exactly what they will do and how much will be affected. their development time.

All that said, it’s long and short so we’re still not sure how long we’re in for it, but the good news is the developers will be away from their way of making sure that Conclusion Myth 7 remain in everyone’s minds now. With Physical expansion, more mobile games and maybe more, we’re sure we’ll have a lot to do Recent history 7 in the coming years regardless of whether or not the main line comes out in 2022, 2023 or so. On top of everything else we also have Recent history 16 on the road as well although admittedly it is probably far more than better understood at this time. Either way, no matter how long the wait we have for the next Recent history 7 By the way, Square Enix really understands what this IP is for them and a lot of the demand is there for mobile games Final Thoughts name, so if you’re in the franchise to any degree, you’ll have a lot to do while you wait for the next mainline game.

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