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War Thunder to fire next-gen crossplay shots with new engine and visuals

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War Thunder, the free-to-play, cross-platformy, massive multiplayer military masterpiece is preparing itself to fire off shots at the next gen. Today those at Gaijin Entertainment have given a first glimpse at the new power it will be harnessing when it drops on to Xbox Series X|S and PS5 in mid-November.

Having already picked up a huge player base across Xbox One, PS4, and PC, allowing players to fight their way across the land, through the air and over the seas with more than 1700 playable craft and vehicles, War Thunder is now setting its sights on the next-gen, and when it hits Xbox Series X|S and PS5, it’ll come complete with a brand new engine.

Due to arrive mid-November, War Thunder will receive a major content update – that of New Power – as it makes its way to next-gen with a new version of Dagor Engine, big ships navy and a lot of other surprises.

When it does make the switch, almost all visuals will be enhanced, and that means we’ll be seeing the most subtle details come to the fore; stuff like grass crushed by tank tracks and clouds pierced by fighter planes. But further to that, War Thunder will also get DLSS technology support that makes the picture smoother and clearer.

Xbox Series X|S and PS5 native versions of War Thunder will run at 4K resolution with a steady 60 FPS refresh rate. But that doesn’t mean players will be limited in their scope and the game will remain a crossplay title, with owners of different platforms playing on the same servers. And just to make things all the sweeter, all content and many visual improvements found in the New Power update will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well.

The full lists and description of new visual and gameplay features, the new fleet and vehicles coming in the update will be revealed by the War Thunder team in the coming days and weeks. For now, the new-normal of an accompanying trailer will sort you out.

If you haven’t yet played War Thunder, go and pick it up from the Xbox Store right now.

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