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Take a closer look at the next-gen NBA 2K21 gameplay with 2K and Visual Concepts

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nba 2k21 next gen Dev Comms

We already know that NBA 2K21 is a pretty damn solid basketball experience, providing a brash, flashy and powerful gameplay experience. And we already know that the next-gen version of the game really is getting ready to provide visual flair above and beyond anything we could ever have expected. Seems about right then that we get the chance to take a closer look at the next-gen gameplay with the team at Visual Concepts. 

Pushed out to the world by 2K, NBA 2K21 has been developed by those at Visual Concepts, and today they are giving further insight into the next-gen edition of the game as the Executive Producer and Gameplay Director break down what we should come to expect when it drops onto Xbox Series X|S and PS5. 

Since the first reveal of NBA 2K21 for next-gen, they have been working to ensure that the game fully utilises the power, speed and technology of Xbox Series X|S and PS5, and it is that which Executive Producer Erick Boenisch and Gameplay Director Mike Wang are focusing on today. 

Featuring commentary over the top of a play between Golden State Warriors vs. New Orleans Pelicans, via gameplay footage that has been captured directly from an in-progress build of NBA 2K21, Erick and Mike highlight several examples of what the Visual Concepts team has been able to achieve in the next-gen version of the game. This means we get visual access to…

  • Lightning-Fast Load Times: By utilizing the built-in solid-state drives (SSDs) of the next-gen consoles, NBA 2K21 now features incredibly short load times that get players directly into the action;
  • Closer to the Real Basketball than Ever: Next-gen advancements around movement, impact, shooting, dribbling and more lead to an NBA 2K experience that blurs the line between game and reality;
  • The Arena Comes to Life: A new standard of crowd interactivity has been established in NBA 2K21, thanks to the more than 150 AI-powered characters populating the Lower Bowl of the arena;
  • New Perspective to the Game: The dynamic new Rail Cam presentation transports the player to the hardwood floors, providing a full view of the game and highlights the incredible visual fidelity of the players and arena.

But further to all that and fans of NBA will  be excited to learn that the next-gen version of NBA 2K21 features two separate commentary teams. In addition to the current cast of Kevin Harlan, Greg Anthony and David Aldridge, we’ll also hear games cast by Brian Anderson (play-by-play), Grant Hill (color commentator) and Allie LaForce (sideline reporter). If anything this will ensure the overall commentary experience is kept utterly fresh. You can also throw in some great analysis provided by special guests which include Doris Burke, Steve Smith, Chris Webber, Brent Barry and Clark Kellogg and more. 

If you’re liking what you see then hold tight for a few more days as 2K also plan to reveal new game modes and features that will be exclusive to the next-gen version of NBA 2K21. Further down the road a full unveil of NBA 2K’s online basketball community feature that replaces the experience known as the Neighborhood is promised too. 

We’ll be seeing NBA 2K21 rock up onto Xbox Series X|S and PS5 at console launch. If you haven’t picked the game up for yourself, the Xbox Store will sort you out.

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