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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Battle Passes Won’t Expire, Spartan Customization Revealed

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343 industries dropped the first multiplayer shots for Infinite Halo at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Conference yesterday. It also provided more details about returning manners like Big Team Battle and Arena but there’s even more for the fan-favorite. A new multiplayer overview video is live that shows even more gameplay mixed with releases from the development team.

The video also offered her fair share of new details. Loot crates, loot boxes or any random chance boxes are not included and there is a Passport system. But the cool thing about Battle Passes might be that they don’t expire and you can buy old ones to unlock new content at any time. Plus Passport items will not be available through the in-game store. Also, that snazzy samurai armor featured in the reveal is event skin and earned for free.

For customization, players will have emblem and effects of armor, armor pieces (including the visor), helmet attachments, prosthetics and more for their character. They can also choose from different body types and voices along with Personal AI. The AI ​​has its own unique look and personality that will offer various tips. 343 Industries describes how many customization options are available at launch as offering “millions” of combinations.

Infinite Halo is releasing this holiday season for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. Multiplayer is launching alongside the campaign and will be free to all players. Technical forecasts for the same will go live later this summer.

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