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Executive producer Rod Fergusson said the development team has worked hard to ensure the console ports “feel smooth” and “great to play.”

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While Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo 2: Resurrection returns for the classic action RPG, it also enters some uncharted territory, namely consoles. It will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch along with PC, which means implementing controller support. Executive producer Rod Fergusson offered more detail on this in the Play 4 All GameSpot presentation (transcript by WCCF Tech).

According to Fergusson, the game was “already very playable” when controller support was implemented. “Basically, the change is, ‘you tell the character where to go’ you’re the character that gives them that direction through the sticks’. Only the dev team did a great job. The first time we implemented controller support, it was already very playable. It felt great to play. Ripped attacks feel really good, melee attacks feel really good. Auto gold picking works just as well. There are some things that are turned on as an option. Those things you can turn off too.

“She was just trying to make him feel indigenous, even though he wasn’t. You don’t want it to feel like ‘Oh, this is a PC port, so it feels kind of clunky.’ We have put a lot of effort into making that feel smooth. To feel like you have integrity, that you can do what you want to do. It feels like a great console experience. ”

The development team at Blizzard and Vicarious Visions tried to add some additional functions, such as an auto sort option for inventory. “It’s basically a focus on understanding what the manager does well. We try some things, and we go, ‘That’s too far.’ For a while, when we plugged in a controller, your inventory was automatically sorted for you so you didn’t have to do inventory Tetris, and we were ‘Oh, this kind of breaks the game.’ Therefore, [we had to find] creative ways to allow you to move things between your inventory and your belt or inventory and your stash and shortcuts. Some skills, like Teleport Sorcerer, depend on where you click, so now we have to predict a certain range of distance based on how you use the controller. “

How different the experience with a regulator will be remains to be seen but how good it is Diablo 3: Soul Reaper playing consoles at launch, there should be no need to worry. Diablo 2: Resurrection is currently set to release on September 23rd. Pre-orders can get early access to the upcoming beta, which has not yet received a date.

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