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Improving sports’ Learn Tetris received a number of updates last year on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Windows 10 (via the Microsoft Store) and Connect That same update will come to the game on the PS4, the Epic Games Store and Oculus Quest with the Steam game opening at the end of July. If that’s not enough, the cross-platform game will also be live at the end of July.

Other new features include a Spectator Mode for gamers and friends that allows 4-6 players to watch a game and use emotes to entertain players. PAL Speed ​​is also adding local and friendly matches along with Classic Score Attack which seems to re -emulate the European PAL feel of the beginning Tetris on the NES. This means lower frame rates, faster drop speeds at the last level and faster action speeds. Eventually, Slow Speed ​​will come to the Battle Zone with friends and local players.

Closed beta will be made for cross-platform gameplay with all new features launching now. It will be available as a separate download from now until June 23rd on PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Microsoft Store PC. Uma Learn Tetris owners can sample from June 23rd to July 5th while steam users have access from now until July 5th (but only closed invitations). For more information on the update, check out the video below.


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